Down Goes Oklahoma, Changing the Whole College Football Playoff Picture

Down goes Oklahoma, with a 48-41 loss today to unranked Kansas State. Coming into this game Oklahoma was ranked 5th in the country and everyone had already penciled them in as the undefeated winner of the Big 12 and with a spot in the College Football Playoff again this year. Jalen Hurts has looked like a superstar Heisman contender putting up insane numbers against all the other garbage defenses in the Big 12.

Goodbye College Football Playoff. Goodbye Jalen Hurts Heisman. Goodbye the possibility of a Jalen revenge game in the playoffs vs. Alabama. 

No one figured Oklahoma would lose this games as 24 point favorites, maybe another game but not this one.

The game started off pretty boring with a 17-7 lead for Oklahoma and then in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, K-State outscored the Sooners 28-6. Kansas State started the scoring in the 4th quarter with another touchdown to extend their lead to 48-23. Blowout status. Jalen Hurts scored two more touchdowns and they got a field goal to make it look like a closer game to finish it at 48-41, to make the score look less embarrassing than it actual was. There was also some controversy to end the game on the onside kick that was called back. But it doesn’t really matter, the Sooners should’ve never been in the position that it mattered. 

Oklahoma, who was kind of assumed to go undefeated and be in the playoffs losing changed the whole playoff picture. Originally I thought winner of LSU/Bama next week, OSU, Oklahoma and Clemson in that order would get in. Now with Oklahoma’s loss, assuming Ohio State (beats Penn State and Minnesota) and Clemson go undefeated, that leaves two spots where SEC teams most likely get in. I see no way now that LSU and Alabama don’t both get in regardless of result next week because the SEC is a way stronger conference than the Big 12 and the shitty Pac 12. Unless the winner of LSU/Bama, who would have the #1 ranking (should be LSU #1 now, should’ve before today anyways but another win over another top 10 team solidifys them 1 now) loses to Florida or Georgia in the SEC championship then it’s chaos for the committee. Penn State losing in a close game to Ohio State would also give an interesting scenario. It’ll be a fun end of the college football season this year. 

I think Jalen Hurts’ loss to K-State also knocks him out of the Heisman race. Since the Heisman committee pretty much only takes the best quarterback in the country, it was a four man race between Jalen, Joe Burrow at LSU, Tua Tagovailoa in Bama and Justin Fields at Ohio State. All of them are tearing it up this year. I think the winner of LSU/Alabama will be the front runner, where the loser of that game will be eliminated (Tua might not even play) and Justin Fields. My pick is Joe Burrow, who’s been electric all year and I think beats Bama. Can’t wait for that game.

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