NCAA Allowing Players to Be Paid for Their Names, Image and Likeness…As They Always Should Have

Today, the NCAA, the most corrupt organization in all of sports decided to pull their heads out of their asses and finally are allowing student athletes to make money off of their names, images and likeness.

It’s fucking ridiculous that these kids weren’t allowed to make any money while they sit in college waiting for their shot at the NFL or NBA, wasting their time and risking their health, just so the NCAA and these giant universities could make a ton of money on 18-22 year old kids. These kids don’t need college and should be allowed any opportunity to get paid. I have two degrees now and learned absolutely nothing doing either of these. No chance in hell that D1 athletes are getting anything out of wasting their time in school. Like Cardale Jones said when he was at Ohio State, “I Ain’t Come To Play School” and neither did all these other kids. 

Previously, these kids couldn’t even make any money off their jersey sales, couldn’t appear in advertisements or even selling their autographs which is complete bullshit. Finally, the NCAA is letting this happen, even though they should have all along. Next step, they should let these kids get paid to play if they’re going to still force them to go to college rather than go directly to the NFL or the NBA. If a five star recruit who’s been playing their sport their whole life gets a career ending injury in college, that could rob their opportunity to make money off their god given talents the rest of their lives. That’s so sad to me. 

Another great thing about this new change, we might finally get EA Sports NCAA Football again, which hasn’t been able to be produced since 2013 all thanks to the NCAA’s bullshit regulations. These games were a blast. I spent plenty of hours running the Run Pass Option over and over with Johnny Manziel…I mean, QB1 or whatever they called that player for Texas A&M in NCAA 14. I’d love to see these games come back on PS4 and Xbox One, so hopefully this change the NCAA made today will allow it to come back and give old players like me as well as a whole new generation to enjoy these games.

It’s great that the NCAA are letting these student athletes get some of what they deserve and it’s refreshing that they are finally giving these kids an opportunity to make some money off their talents. 

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