Fun Little Facebook Marketplace Interaction on My Lunch Break

So Apple announced the AirPods Pro yesterday with new noise cancellation features. I love my original AirPods and couldn’t be happier with them. My favorite headphones I have ever had. Better than all my different pairs of Beats and everything else I’ve had through the years. I use my AirPods all day at work for phone meetings and to listen to podcasts and music all day while I work. My only complaint on them was that using them at the gym. I had to crank the volume up to drown out the other sounds and music in there. So when Apple announced these new AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation I bought them pretty much immediately. 

With the new AirPod Pro’s on their way, no need to keep my regular AirPods so I threw them on Facebook Marketplace. I sold my useless iPad Pro on there a few month ago and it couldn’t have been easier. I got exactly the amount I wanted and sold it in less than a day and a half. So I figured the AirPods would sell pretty quick too. But you have to kind of be a bit scummy to buy used headphones that literally sit in a stranger’s dirty ears (for the record, my ears are quite clean) so I figured I’d get some moron’s hitting me up for these.

I listed the AirPods for $120 expecting to get around $100 for them. I worked out a deal in less than 24 hours to sell them for $100 but I got some stupid messages. A handful of people messaged me asking if they were still available I’d tell them “yes” and then they just wouldn’t respond. Like why bother hitting me up. But whatever. 

Then today around my lunch break, I get this idiot who low balls me for $50, less than half of the price I have them listed for. Instead of just telling him to fuck off or ignoring it completely, I decide to have some fun. 

I was kind of surprised to see this kid go along with it and have a little fun with me, so credit to “Parashar” but I won due to my wonderful math skills. There’s worse ways I could have spent waiting for my lunch. 

Had to use wired EarPods for my workout tonight after I sold my AirPods since my AirPods Pro don’t get delivered until tomorrow. I forgot how much those blow and felt like such a poor. Can’t wait for my Pro’s to come in tomorrow!

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