Kevin Durant Says Draymond Green Was Why He Left the Warriors. Shut Up KD #ThisLeague

Kevin Durant decided to go on First Take and told the world that one of the main factors why he left Golden State this season was because him and Draymond Green couldn’t get along and he hated him. 

KD, as we know, is the biggest whiny bitch in all of the NBA, which is saying a lot cause the whole league is all a bunch of cry babies making it a shitty reality show all about themselves and their pathetic egos. So first this asshole goes to Golden State, a team that just beat him in the Western Conference Finals when he was in Oklahoma City and joins them to ruin the NBA for the next four or five years or whatever it was. That’s the softest move in the world to begin with. You’d think he’d want to come back and beat them but nope, if you can’t beat them join them. His lanky ass went on to contribute to them being a dynasty that broke the league. Now he left, apparently because he couldn’t stand Draymond Green. He also said that Steph Curry wasn’t in his top five best teammates or best players in the league. What a petty move. 

Playing lacrosse my whole life, I’ve had plenty of teammates I didn’t like. But better believe I wouldn’t say a fucking word about it because that’s being a good teammate. Unlike all these clowns. Just shut the fuck up KD and keep that to yourself. Makes me sick. Joke of a league.

So now when he comes back from injury, KD will be in Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving, who’s one of the other top idiots in the league. Can’t wait till that shit explodes too. 

I hate the NBA. #ThisLeague

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