BizNasty “Tries Out” for the NLL, Great Marketing for the Sport

I’ve played lacrosse since I was a little eight year old kid that got bored of playing baseball and fell in love with the sport watching the Buffalo Bandits. Growing up I always loved box lacrosse better but only played field. No way my parents were gonna drive me 45 minutes to either the Rez or Canada just for practice. After high school, I missed lax and in college got into playing in a few beer league minimal contact box leagues. They were a blast and I eventually jumped from dominating shitty beer leagues while gassing Blue Lights between shifts to taking it seriously and playing Sr. B real deal box lacrosse without every playing Jr’s. A pretty big accomplishment that I’m proud of and I’ve now been in the league for five years. I went through an ALL camp before getting cut the day before the inaugural season started and even tried out in the NLL Combine, where I wasn’t great.

Hockey’s always been my #2 sport. I loved playing it and still love watching the NHL, but it was never #1 for me and took the back seat to lacrosse. So when former NHL enforcer, Biz Nasty, who I’m a big fan of from the top hockey podcast in the world, Spittin’ Chiclets (highly recommended), tweeted out (jokingly I’m sure) that he could walk onto any NLL lacrosse team, it really perked my interest. 

With the audience that Chiclets has, this was a no brainer for NLL teams to offer the guy a PTO just to bring in some eyes that haven’t seen the league before. Almost every team in the NLL tweeted him back to try to buzz up interest. The Vancouver Warriors won that sweepstakes and produced this great video to make it a thing, along with a BIZ20 promo code. 

I thought the video was hilarious and was a fantastic marketing move for the NLL. Not very many eyes are on professional lacrosse and Biz did a great job in bringing outside eyes to the NLL. The NLL needs to establish itself as a sport than anybody gives a fuck about. Biz alone isn’t gonna come close to doing that but it’s a good start. Talk up interest. And the video was produced great, appealed to lacrosse fans, Spittin’ Chiclets fans and showed how difficult of a sport box lacrosse really is. I loved it. Thanks Biz. The NLL needs to keep doing stuff like this to get more and more people interested in my favorite sport. 

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