What a Way to Blow a Cover in Two Minutes. Fuck the Colts.

I’ve been having a decent week gambling, so I’m actually up money this week and I’ve had a good NFL season, so why not push it a little bit. Only NFL bet today: 2.5 units on a 7 point teaser at -130 of Green Bay to win straight up on the road at the Giants and the Colts +7.5 at home in a divisional must win matchup vs. Tennessee. I’m thinking the Packers should win pretty easy and the Colts should keep it within a touchdown even if they lose. 

The Packers took care of business pretty easily blowing out New York 31-13 with Aaron Rodgers throwing four touchdowns and the Pack defense picking off Danny Dimes three times in a snowy, cold game at the Meadowlands.

Most of the Colts game was decent too and I was feeling in alright shape to cover most of the game. In a tied 17-17 game with only 5:02 left in the game, Adam Vinitieri comes in to kick what would be an easy field goal to take the lead. Instead, the kick gets BLOCKED and the Titans take it 63 yards for a touchdown and go up 24-17. That fucking hurt but at least the Colts are still covering with only 5 minutes left and getting the ball back.

Next drive of the game, Jacoby Brissett throws the ball deep on a dumb play and it gets picked off by Tennessee. Third down and six, Ryan Tannehill throws a beautiful 40 yard touchdown to Kalif Raymond to take a 14 point lead with 3:02 left in the game. Still some time left to get a garbage time TD to cover but isn’t looking promising with the ridiculous bad luck I’ve had over the last two minutes. 

The final drive of the game, Brissett manages the ball well and marches the Colts down the field all the way to the Tennessee 38 with 2:23 left in the game. Then on a shotgun pass to Ross Travis, Colts are on the Tennessee 13 yard line. But not that easy, the asshole fumbles the ball which obviously the Titans recover to cap off my losing teaser. 

The fact that this is the second blog I’ve had to write in a month about the Colts losing me money in ridiculous fashion is atrocious. 

-3.25 units on the day. Thanks Indy. Shit bags.

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