Happy 10th Anniversary, Jersey Shore!!

Ten years ago today, our TV’s were graced with the pilot of what would become the greatest reality show of all time. A show that changed the world. Jersey Shore.

Eight people who were so ridiculous (except Vinny), that they were almost a parody of themselves but somehow so funny that you just had to tune in every week. All living together in a house similar to the basic setup of other reality shows like Real World. At the same time though, it was nothing like anything before it. 

Over the first season you got to meet all eight of them and besides Angelina, the Staten Island Dump, they all had redeeming qualities that made the audience fall in love with the show. But ten years ago when Snooki walked in that house on Seaside Heights, NJ saying “Party’s Here”, the show was a hit. All these people were legit superstars all off their own personalities. 

The impact it had on the world was crazy too. It added a whole new layer to the English language. Smoosh, Grenades, GTL, Fresh to Death, Come at Me, DTF, Tee Shirt Time, The Shirt Before the Shirt. Words and phrases that no one ever heard before that became part of people’s every day life. And anyone who’s ever yelled “CABS ARE HERE” still do it in the same way Pauly D did all series (and you probably just read that in the Pauly voice). People (myself included) rocked tons of hair gel, tight Affliction shirts and fake and baked till they were orange just to look like them. The show became a phenomena. 

The start of Jersey also had a lot of negative people. People like my mom bitched that it was trashy, disgraceful to Italians, disgraceful to the state of New Jersey. My mom even said that the show was my downfall since I was always in the gym, tanning and drinking and partying. But really, every 18 year old kid was doing that shit regardless of the show. 

Even with the backlash, the show still became the top show on cable for the entirety of the series, led to a handful of spinoffs and then finally the reunion on Jersey Shore: Family Reunion. Spectacular show that every reality show after it was influenced by. 

Happy Anniversary to Jersey Shore. The greatest reality show of all time (I still have a sweet spot for the Bachelor series too). Thanks for ten years of fist pumps.

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