NCAAF Conference Championship Preview 2019

Its conference championship weekend, one of the best weekends of college football every year, with some key playoff implications for the final slot to get in and several scenarios that could decide that.

PAC-12: Utah (5) vs. Oregon (13)

Conference championship weekend kicks off on Friday night in the PAC-12 Championship out west between #5 ranked Utah and Oregon. If Utah wins and Georgia loses to LSU, the Utes are in. I don’t see that happening though. Utah played a pretty weak schedule all year in the shitty PAC-12 to get to 11-1 and this matchup with Oregon is their toughest opponent of the year. I think Justin Herbert, who’s projected to be a high NFL draft pick shows up tonight and takes care of business. With an Oregon win, the PAC-12 canabalizes its shitty self and no one from this conference makes the College Football Playoff. Quack quack.

ACC: Clemson (3) vs. Virginia (23)

The shittiest matchup of conference championship weekend. The ACC outside of Clemson blows. That doesn’t discredit how good Clemson is though as the reigning national champions are 28.5 point favorites tomorrow. Clemson obviously rolls through Virginia for their spot in the playoffs, led by next year’s #1 NFL draft pick, Trevor Lawrence.

BIG 12: Oklahoma (6) vs. Baylor (7)

This should be a great game in a rematch between the Sooners and Bears, after Oklahoma’s comeback from a 28-3 deficit a few weeks ago. Both of these teams are 11-1 and Baylor’s only loss came to Oklahoma. The BIG 12 doesn’t play defense but both these teams could score. I’d anticipate a back and forth game that Oklahoma ends up winning again. After the close call against Baylor a few weeks ago, I can’t see Oklahoma losing this one. They’ll get off to a quick start to keep their playoff hopes alive in case Georgia and Utah both lose, they’re probably in. If Baylor does win, I can’t really see the committee putting them in but it doesn’t really matter as either of these teams would get run over by Ohio State, LSU or Clemson. 

BIG TEN: Ohio State (1) vs. Wisconsin (8)

Ohio State has looked unbeatable the whole season, although the Michigan game last week and Penn State game the week before showed some of the Buckeyes flaws. This week they play Wisconsin again for the BIG TEN championship. Earlier this year when they played, Ohio State won 38-7. Obviously I think OSU wins this one again pretty easily but I think Wisconsin’s solid defense shows up and keeps the game closer than last time. Regardless of the results of this game, Ohio State already locked up their spot in the playoffs as a clear National Championship contender.

SEC: LSU (2) vs. Georgia (4)

The undefeated LSU Tigers have the best resume in college football this year, beating three top ten ranked (at the time) teams in Alabama, Auburn and Florida. Joe “Burreaux” has been amazing all year and pretty much locked up the Heisman for himself. Regardless of the result of this game LSU’s already in the playoffs and they’ve been a blast to watch. Along with OSU and Clemson, they’re national title contenders. Their opponent this week in my most anticipated matchup, Georgia has an elite defense, the best in the SEC and in all of college football. Their quarterback, Jake Fromm is solid too and already has experience in the playoffs. If it weren’t for their loss earlier this season to South Carolina, due to coach Kirby Smart playing soft and not being aggressive to win, the Bulldogs would be in. LSU’s offense is electric but their defense isn’t by any means elite. They’re good but beatable. If Georgia wins, they clearly keep their spot in the playoffs and the SEC punches two tickets into the College Football Playoff and makes it easy for the committee. This is a playoff game for Georgia and I think they show up and at least keep it close. With a Georgia win, the best four teams in the country get into the playoffs, all with the talent to win a National Championship and I’m personally hoping for this scenario.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend of college football.

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