Just Finished The Office

So after about ten years of holding out, I finally watched The Office. Well, technically I watched the first season about ten years ago (thanks to a deal that I made back then, that come to think of it, I didn’t really do my part in until now) and stopped after that just cause I couldn’t get into it and the whole “documentary” style of the show. This time around though, I thought it was hilarious from the first few lines of the pilot and I stuck with it. And I’m so glad I tried it again. Incredible show. 

From watching Jim and Pam go from the awkward office crush to one of the greatest love stories in TV history (right there with Ross and Rachel). Watching Dwight go from this super annoying weirdo to this lovable character who actually becomes friends with Jim and marries Angela. Michael Scott going from World’s Best Boss to married to Holly in Colorado and being Dwight’s surprise best man. And all of the other hijinks in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Fantastic story to watch through nine seasons. 

“Imagine going back and watching a tape of your life. You could see yourself change, and make mistakes and grow up”

When Jim Halpert says that line in the finale, it made me think how great the show was and how cool it would be to have a sort of “movie” of your life. The lives of a “normal” paper company in Scranton, PA, as ordinary and meaningless as it seems could relate to anyone’s lives. Although no one actually gets their day to day life filmed in a documentary, everyone kind of looks back on their memories of life and thinks back to the good times throughout the years, the relationships you been in, the friendships you’ve made and the connections that you’ve made with other people throughout your life. That’s what life’s all about. The time that we spend with others. 

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – Andy Bernard

Anyone can relate to that too and I just couldn’t resist including that quote in this blog.

I teared up a bit watching some of the last few episodes of The Office. Add it to the list of TV shows I’ve cried watching, it’s a fantastic list. Clearly I don’t care about publishing that to the world as I write this on this blog that no one actually reads past 2 am on a Tuesday. Moments like Andy’s goodbye singing I Will Remember You to the office, Jim recommending Dwight for the job of regional manager to David Wallace, Jim’s DVD of his love story to Pam, I jumped off my couch when Dwight turned around to see Michael Scott’s return to the show to be the best man at his wedding. And of course the final scene of the show where each character has their talking head reflecting on the past nine seasons.  What a great way to end the show. 

“And it’s like a long book that you never want to end, and you’re fine with that, because you just never, ever want to leave it.”

That’s the best thing about TV shows, they give you these fictional stories that in your own head you use to reflect on your own life.

“Like Harry Potter”

A show I held off watching even though everyone was telling me that it was one of the best shows of all time is now one of my favorites. A show that’s gonna be in my regular rotation of the shows I fall asleep too, I have a Sounds of Scranton playlist now in my music library and I can’t wait to listen to all of the breakdowns of each episode on Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s podcast Office Ladies as I rewatch the show over and over again, I’m sure.

My only regret to binge watching The Office over the past two months was not watching it ten years ago. What an amazing show.

Merry Christmas!

PS: I know this was a long blog of me babbling on and on and being all sappy over a TV show. But I don’t care. That’s why I made this site, to put my unfiltered comments online. And parts of this shit probably don’t even make sense, but it’s 2:41am as I’m publishing this blog. Enjoy.

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