I’m Gonna Make So Much Money Betting the NLL

A couple days ago, Darren Rovell, the biggest nerd on the internet announced a huge deal for the sport of lacrosse and degenerates like me. The NLL, the best box lacrosse league in the world, made a deal with BetMGM to be the first gambling partner in the the history of the sport.

I’ve been obsessed with the NLL since I was a little kid watching Johnny Tavares tear it up for the Buffalo Bandits.  It gave me a love for the sport unmatched by really, anything else. Lacrosse is my favorite thing in the world and when I step in that box, the whole rest of the world just disappears. Although I haven’t been as hooked anymore on watching every game I could around the league as back in high school when I had season tickets, I still love watching and following the sport.

This gambling partnership is a huge deal since for the first time, there’s going to be a company setting lines for NLL games. With how closely I follow the sport, I should be able to be pretty good at picking winners and over/unders on pro lax. Especially for the first few years that these lines are set, I’m sure the market will be a bit off. Barely anyone bets even on hockey vs. the big sports (mainly football) and you can sometimes find inconsistencies with lines. With lacrosse that’s going to be ridiculously higher inconsistencies on lines. Almost no one is going to be betting this shit and there’s going to be flaws in the market, so it should be easy to find value.

I thought the only way I’d ever get paid through the sport of lacrosse was if I made the NLL as a player (which I actually did try out for). At my age now, that probably isn’t happening. Now with gambling on lax coming up as an option, I’m gonna make so much money betting the NLL.

Let’s get rich.

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