PLL Partners with Genius Sports to Bring Gambling to Pro Lacrosse

Today, the PLL announced that they have started a partnership with Genius Sports to provide data and statistics used for gambling lines and live betting lines to sportsbooks, opening gambling on the PLL.

“Today is a landmark day for not only the Premier Lacrosse League, but the sport of lacrosse. We feel like the PLL is the most innovative sports league in the world and today is another testament to the hard work of our leadership team. We’ve partnered with the premier data provider in Genius Sports and will continue to work closely with top-tier operators to ensure a first-in-class experience for betters. With the addition of legalized sports wagering in the PLL, the PLL fan experience just got better.”

PLL Co-Founder & CEO Mike Rabil

Since it’s start last year, the PLL has been at the front of innovation and growth for the sport of lacrosse and has been putting a fantastic product on the field. Lacrosse has always been my favorite sport and I’ve played it since I was a little kid. For a sport that’s got a niche following, the PLL has been doing everything it could to grow the game. Gambling is a huge part of enhancing the fan experience to bring it a step closer to the four major professional sports. People love to gamble. 

In January (feels so long ago), I wrote about the NLL announced that they were bringing gambling to pro box lacrosse and how with how closely I know and follow lacrosse that I’m hoping I could make a ton of money on it, so its even more thrilling now that I’ll be able to extend my knowledge to making money on field lacrosse as well. 

Sports and gambling can’t come back soon enough.

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