Some Great Performances This Week on Listen to Your Heart

Last week’s episode of Listen to Your Heart was pretty entertaining with the exits of the worst people on the show. Tonight’s already the semi-final with four couples remaining. Got a nice glass of red poured, let’s go.

Chris Harrison comes in the mansion as the episode starts and says that there’s a “massive change”. The couples are all leaving the mansion in Cali and heading to Vegas with each couple in their own tour bus. Rudi and Matt decide to stop on the way there to spend some time together before getting to Vegas. 

Meanwhile in Vegas, Bri and Chris get the first date card of the week. Their date sends them to a wedding chapel in Vegas for them to sing a song to the couple getting married. They’re easily the strongest couple of the show.

Trevor and Jamie get the second date card. They go to T-Mobile Arena, the home of the Vegas Golden Knights (Go Knights, thanks for all the money you made me the last 3 years, I really miss hockey) to skate together. Such a cool date. Nervous that he isn’t going to say it back to her, Jamie tells Trevor that she’s falling in love with him and after telling her that he’s only said it a few times before, he tells her that he’s falling in love with her too. 

For their one on one, Matt and Rudi go to a Shaggy concert and get pulled on the stage to sing. After the concert, Rudi tells Matt that she’s “falling for him”…at least she didn’t say she was falling in love with him, cause clearly neither are. He responds with telling her “I’m glad you told me that”…so they ain’t gonna work out. 

Natascha and Ryan’s date is more of a fun one and they get to destroy cars with heavy construction shit. Looks awesome. I like Natascha a lot, she’s my favorite one on this show and by far the hottest.

I really like the song selection for all four couples this week. All great loves songs. First up are Bri and Chris singing Elvis Pressley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Nice rendition with their own twist. They’re easily going to win this show.

Next up, singing Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum are Jamie and Trevor with a lot more confidence than the last two weeks. I thought they did a great job and their voices fit in nicely with the way that Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley sing the original. And their connection seems to have grown a good amount.

Natascha and Ryan sing Perfect by Ed Sheeran that they changed up the composition of a lot. Didn’t love that. I really love the original and thought their mix of it wasn’t good. It sounded like it could be played in some lounge on a cruise ship or the lobby of a three star hotel. Their voices didn’t sound as good as the last two weeks and their performance just wasn’t good. They would’ve probably done a better job just singing it like Ed Sheeran. Don’t fuck with a song that already is Perfect.

Matt and Rudi, get to perform Shallow. From the first line, they nail it. They channeled the emotion of the lyrics together like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born (solid movie) and their voices sound great. Performance of the night in my opinion, hands down. But Matt’s still not that into her.  

Some great performances this week. 

Rose ceremony time with one couple going home and the other three advancing to the finals, but rose ceremonies in this format aren’t as entertaining for some reason. First to get roses, Jamie and Trevor. Rudi and Matt are the next couple to go to the finals on their huge performance. Chris and Bri and Natascha and Ryan are remaining with the final roses tonight and it easily goes to Chris and Bri. No surprise. I just wrote those last two lines before Chris Harrison even said it. Natascha and Ryan say that they plan on staying together after being eliminated from the show.

Next week, the tour hits the road again and heads to Nashville for the finale. The best music city in the world. 

PS: They’re still running ads that they’re searching for men to date the new Bachelorette, Clare Crawley. I’ll probably fill out the application this week.

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