John Krasinski Recreates Jim and Pam’s Wedding Dance with The Office Cast for a Virtual Wedding

There’s a lot of stuff that the coronavirus is ruining for people and wedding’s are a pretty big one. Its gotta suck real bad to plan a whole wedding, spend a ton of money, invite everyone and then what’s supposed to be the best day of your life and it just gets cancelled. I can’t imagine. 

Of the few good things to come out of everyone being quarantining, John Krasinski, who’s best know for playing Jim on The Office, one of the best shows of all time started a new show on YouTube, SomeGoodNews. 

On last night’s episode of SomeGoodNews, after John saw a couple recreated the gas station proposal of Jim and Pam on The Office, he brought them on the show and married the couple on a Zoom call. Jenna Fischer (Pam on The Office) joined in and gave Pam’s quote of “When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that.” to the couple and then John cut his tie (a nod to Jim and Pam’s wedding episode) and brought in the rest of their Office castmates to recreate the infamous Jim and Pam wedding entrance dance from the show to Chris Brown’s Forever from their own homes and it was perfect.

(start at around 14:08 mark for the dance, or watch the entire thing)

The best viral Zoom video to come out of quarantine quickly has gotten over 4 million views. Jim and Pam’s wedding was one of my favorite episodes of The Office and it was beautiful to see Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight, Andy, Angela, Kevin, Oscar, Meredith Ryan, Kelly, Creed, Phyllis and Erin recreate it for this couple.

Jim and Pam forevaaaaa

PS: Whenever I find a girl lucky enough to get stuck with me, we’re definitely using this song for our reception intro. Picking music and that I get to rock Jordan 11’s, those are my only requests.

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