Breaking News: Comments are Back on A Town’s Zone

When I first started this site over a year and 193 posts ago, comments were enabled on any blog on the site. Anyone could comment and write whatever the fuck they wanted. But that got ruined by a select group of people (I know who you are) spamming the fuck out of it with stupidity. So they ruined it for everyone and I shut that shit down. 

Well, after the comment section being shut for a pretty long time…breaking news, I’m bringing it back. But this time, instead of anyone being able to comment their bullshit, you now have to log in using a valid Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account. So now I know who you are and that should reduce that garbage and maybe even lead to some constructive discussion on my blogs and videos. And if you piss me off, I could block accounts from the ability to comment.

But remember, if it gets fucked up again…I giveth, I taketh away…again. So be good.

We’re now on Instagram, give us a follow @atownszone! As always, also please follow us on Twitter!! I need more followers/retweets to grow this thing!



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