Have To Be Here for the Right Reasons

Last week’s Bachelor was pretty boring besides the stupid champagne bottle thing, so hopefully this week is more entertaining. Drama for no reason. And tonight, the drama continues. Glass of wine’s poured.

The first one on one date of this week’s episode is with the gorgeous Victoria P. They go cowboy boot shopping and country line dancing. Cute date. They then have dinner in an airline hanger where Victoria opens up about her dad passing away when she was young and her mom struggling with addiction and how she would help care for her sister. Their date goes great and Peter gives Victoria a rose. She does say that she’s falling in love with Peter though, which is pretty early. Slow it down a bit, girl.

Meanwhile, Hannah Ann and Kelsey are still going on about the fucking champagne from last week. Why are we still on this? These two both need to go home. Especially psycho Kelsey. Get the fuck over it.

“I’m back, bitches!”

Queen Demi’s back on The Bachelor to wake up all the girls in the house and to host Peter’s group date. Yessss, at this point, Demi should be co-hosting the series with Chris Harrison. 

The group date is Demi’s Pillow Fight Club to “fight for Peter’s heart”. These bitches are gonna be out of control. The “final championship” round is between Alayah, who seems kinda nuts vs. Sydney, who reminds me of Sofia who co-hosts Call Her Daddy podcast (highly recommend, #DaddyGang). Alayah wins which leads to drama between her and half the other girls, who all claim she’s putting on a fake show. She definitely seems fake. She’s playing the game to win The Bachelor, doesn’t seem like she’s there to find love #NotHereForTheRightReasons. Sydney tells Peter that she thinks that there’s some people in the house that seem like they’re not being honest. Peter puts her on the spot with the whole group and asks her who it is that’s being fake and she right away says Alayah, not good for either of them. Not a great move by Peter to ask Sydney in front of everyone else, since that just starts drama right away with the excuse of seeing Hannah fall for Jed being fake. Alayah even says that she’s not denying it that she’s fabricating stuff for the cameras. Drama! Peter says that he appreciates Sydney being honest with him and gives her the group date rose.

The next day at the pool party, Peter apologizes to Sydney for putting her on the spot the night before. She assures him to find his own answers and not just to take it from her. Talking to Peter, a bunch of the other girls also tell him that Alayah turns the attitude on and off when the cameras are on and that she isn’t completely genuine. Not. Here. For. The. Right. Reasons. Even her voice sounds fake. 

Peter leaves the pool party and its onto the rose ceremony. With two roses left on the table, Peter walks out of the room and goes to talk to Chris. After the commercial break, Chris comes in the room and takes a rose off the table.

Ladies, I’m sorry for the interruption, but there’s been a little bit of a change tonight. This is now the final rose tonight.

Down to Mykenna and Alayah.

Mykenna, will you accept this rose?

Good move Peter, gotta keep around the girls that are being genuine. Have to be here for the right reasons.

I love the instrumental heartbreak music they use on this show. Changes the whole feel of it. 

Madison and Kelley are definitely both still the front runners in my opinion.

Next week’s gonna be a shit show. Peter taking Victoria F to see Chase Rice even though they dated in the past (awkward) and drama with Alayah coming back to the mansion. Next week, on The Bachelor.

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