Alayah’s Back. Come on.

Coming off Alayah’s exit from The Bachelor last week, all the ladies head to meet Peter in Cleveland, Ohio…cause evidently the producers couldn’t pick a shittier city to go to. 

When they get to Cleveland, Victoria F. gets a date card for a one on one with Peter. Peter takes Victoria flying and then to Cedar Point, with the whole park closed to everyone besides them. Cute date and their chemistry seems good together. After their day of riding the roller coasters, they go to a private Chase Rice concert…but plot twist, Chase Rice is Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. I might’ve said that Cleveland was a shitty move by the producers but they more than make up for that with this genius work. I thought for sure Chase was gonna sing Eyes on You (probably my favorite song of last year) but he plays Lonely If You Are, another good song. Such an awkward situation for Victoria though. At dinner following the concert, Victoria tells Peter that she dated Chase Rice before the show, which confuses him. Whole thing is so weird. Peter ends up not really caring though, seeing that it wasn’t her fault that the producers set that all up and gives Victoria a rose.

For this week’s group date, Peter and the girls are at First Energy Stadium, the home of the “highly successful” Cleveland Browns. Hopefully one of these relationship have more success than the Browns do. The girls go through a handful of drills and then play a game for a chance to spend more time with Peter. All thirteen of the girls end up going to the cocktail party, since the game ended in a tie. I’m sure that wasn’t rigged at all…

Victoria P, who sat out of playing football really is hitting it off with Peter. The girls who did play get pissed that she stole Peter away to talk to him first. As Peter’s talking to Shiann, everyone is shocked that Alayah comes strolling in. In her whole fake voice, she comes in saying that she is back to defend herself, which all seems like lies again talking about how she was previously friends with Victoria P and that they planned to go Vegas, in the fake voice. But then, Victoria P tells Peter that her and Alayah did go to Vegas together and breaks down crying. Tough to tell what to believe. Peter puts the two of them together to talk it out. This whole thing is bad news for both of them. After this talk, Peter tells Alayah that he made a mistake and that he should’ve followed his gut. He asks Alayah if she wants to come back, which she accepts. Gonna cause a bunch of drama with everyone else. When Peter and Alayah head back to where all the other girls on the group date are, he gives her the group date rose. Bad move and a big slap in the face to all the girls that played in the football game.

Peter takes Kelsey on the second one on one of the week. First he tells her that Alayah’s back which she actually takes very well. They go exploring around Cleveland and at dinner she tells Peter that she found out about her parents’ divorce before her mom did and that her dad just disappeared. Pretty sad, and that takes a lot to bring up on their first date. In the one on one environment, she seems a lot less crazy than she did freaking out about champagne bottles. Peter gives Kelsey a rose.

After coming back, Alayah tells the rest of the house about Victoria F and Chase Rice from what she knew during her time off the show being connected to the internet and the rest of the world. Victoria confronts Alayah about being manipulative and stirring the pot. All the other girls are real pissed about it too.

Before the rose ceremony, some of the girls confront Peter about bringing Alayah back being a bad move. Alayah’s becoming this season’s annoying ass Luke P from Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette. This girl has got to go.

To be continued, next week on The Bachelor.

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