This Girl’s a Psycho

Already polished off half my bottle of wine recording the podcast tonight (rate, review and subscribe to In The Zone on Apple Podcasts and Spotify)…so here we go as I finish it on the first of two episodes of The Bachelor this week. Coming off the shit show of Peter bringing back Alayah’s fake ass to the show last week, the drama continues, starting right now.

The drama with Alayah doesn’t last very long though as right into the episode, Peter sends her home again. So all that drama last week was for nothing.

After a pretty boring rose ceremony, the remaining ladies and Peter go international and head to Costa Rica. And a lotttt of drama.

Sydney goes with Peter on the first one on one date in Costa Rica. They start the date with a helicopter ride over the beautiful Costa Rican jungle and waterfalls. Honestly a pretty boring date but their connection seems decent. Lot of making out.

Sydney, will you accept this rose?

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Kelsey’s having meltdowns about her relationship with Peter. Obviously she isn’t that emotional stable in this environment with the other girls and isn’t confident at all. If melting down a few weeks ago over a champagne bottle wasn’t enough to show this, this might be. The other girls also see how Kelsey’s spiraling as she’s talking about other girls in the house.

The group date for the week, Peter and the ladies do a photoshop for Cosmo. Kelsey gets real uncomfortable again and jealous. Relax, that’s part of how the show works. The Bachelor dates other girls. Victoria F wins the contest they do to be on the cover of Cosmo with Peter. 

On the group date, Kelsey tells Peter that she’s falling in love with him. Slow down, crazy. Relax and enjoy the experience. I know if I was on the Bachelorette, I’d probably be going kind of nuts too but just know thats the show and just have fun. Right after that, Tammy tells Peter that Kelsey’s going nuts. Not really a great move by Tammy. The way to be successful on these shows is just to do your own thing, don’t get involved in drama and just work on your own relationship. After Peter talks to her about being emotionally unstable, she comes back to the rest of the girls and breaks down again. PSYCHOOOOO. 

Hannah Ann gets the group date rose. Her and Victoria F were really the only two I expected it could have been. 

Kelley gets the second group date in Costa Rica. She definitely seems way too mature and stable for this show. Like she’s more about having fun on the date without huge expectations for her time with Peter. They go to some weird ritual thing. Stupid date. Peter’s worried if there’s a possibility of a future with him and Kelley, as she’s holding back. Kelley kinda of calls out Peter for “rewarding the drama” and that he might not be ready for marriage, which is totally true. Like I said, she seems like she’s too mature for Peter and for The Bachelor in general. Peter gives Kelley the rose anyway, even though he still has some doubts but reassures her that the process of the show does work.

The next morning, Kelsey goes to talk to Peter to try to convince him that she isn’t crazy. She also claims that Tammy is telling the other girls that she has a drinking problem and is “popping pills”. How true that is, who knows. Peter gives Kelsey a rose that he seems to have gotten out of no where. So this crazy’s here another week. Peter just keeps making decisions with the drama queens in the house that make me question his thoughts. He just believes anything any of the girls tell him.

Chris Harrison comes in before the cocktail party and cancels it, saying that Peter has the clarity he needs already and they head right to the rose ceremony. The girls all get pissed at Kelsey again for her drama leading to the cancelled cocktail party and time with Peter. Turns out that the whole “popping pills” thing that Tammy said was completely overblown with Kelsey saying that all she takes is Adderall and birth control. Who cares, everyone in college does addy daddy’s. More drama between even more of the girls. Tammy, Sydney and Kelsey all get into it calling each other out. Meanwhile, Mykenna’s is melting down. These producers are fantastic.

At the rose ceremony, before they even start, Tammy asks Peter if they could talk…to try to save her own ass. Then Mykenna comes and steals Peter for a second. This isn’t a cocktail party. It’s a fucking rose ceremony. Respect the roses! Mykenna gets the second last rose leaving Shiann, Tammy and Lexi with the final rose tonight…which ends up going to Tammy. The drama continues. Not really a big surprise though. Lexi will be good in Paradise. On her way out, Shiann warns Peter to be careful that some of the other girls still in it aren’t being completely real with him.

Won’t have to wait much longer for Peter’s journey to find love as it continues on a special extra episode of The Bachelor this Wednesday. 

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