Ultimatums in the Fantasy Suites

After being on vacation and not being able to blog the last two episodes of The Bachelor, I’m back and all caught up. And since I’m home pretty sick today, swapping out the vino for Body Armor and Ginger Ale while I watch this week’s episode live. It’s fantasy suites week with Peter and his final three ladies; Madison, Victoria and Hannah Ann. 

Last week, after the rose ceremony, Madison asks to talk to Peter and we pick up right where we left off. Madison tells him that it would be really hard for her to move forward if he sleeps with one of the other girls in the fantasy suites. As much as Madison’s by far been my favorite of the season, that’s not really how the show works, girl. Unless he’s Colton, the guys usually bang multiple girls in the fantasy suites. So she pretty much gives him an ultimatum that its either her or “being intimate” with the other two. Not a great move.

I almost feel like he’s not gonna end up with any of these three girls.

The producers threw another spin to fantasy suites this year as all three girls will be staying together in Australia. So more ways for it to all blow up and cause drama.

Hannah Ann gets the first date of the week. Their dates go well with both of them telling the other that they are in love and we see Chris Harrison’s signature invitation for Peter and Hannah Ann to share a fantasy suite. 

Victoria’s next with Peter. More time for Madison to unravel more, as she’s having a real tough time with the whole thing. 

Peter says at the beginning of his date with Victoria that everything about their relationship is good except for communication. So like the key part of a relationship…no way this works. He keeps making excuses for their problems and even goes as far as to tell her that “there’s nothing you need to work on”…WHAT?! This girl’s nuts. But regardless…

Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.

They’re gonna fuckkkk.

Finally, its Madison’s turn for her fantasy suite dates with Peter. Starting with a climb up one of Australia’s tallest buildings. Such a cool thing to do. 

Hannah Ann fills in Victoria on Madison’s ultimatum for Peter and they both get real pissed about it. 

Madison tells Peter that she’s saving herself for marriage. She also says that she won’t be able to accept a marriage proposal from Peter if he has slept with the other girls. Peter admits after Madison has a breakdown at dinner, that he has been intimate in the fantasy suites. 

Madison walks away and we’ll find out what happens with them next week. Followed by the Women Tell All with all the batshit crazy girls from this shit show season. 

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