Yankees Hit Already With Injuries, Luis Severino to Have Tommy John and Miss 2020 Season

It only took a few days into Spring Training of this 2020 MLB season for the Yankees injury problems from last year to continue. Today, Brian Cashman announced that Luis Severino has a partial torn UCL and will have to undergo Tommy John surgery to correct his elbow. Which means, Sevy’s out for all of 2020.

This suckkkkkkks. How sick would it have been to finally have a healthy Sevy as the #2 in the rotation behind Gerrit Cole? When Sevy’s stuff was on two years ago, he was looking like he could’ve been a Cy Young candidate. Now we go another year without getting to see that killer pitching again.

But it isn’t the end of the world. The Yankees last year missed their ace all season besides for three games and they were still fine. Especially since we just got Cole and still have Tanaka, Paxton and German. As well as a bunch of other young talent. The Yanks will be just fine especially in a AL East that got way shittier while we got better.

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