38 Year Old Clare Crowley Is the Next Bachelorette!

Late last week, ABC announced that the next Bachelorette would be announced on Good Morning America this morning, not during the tonight’s Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor. This essentially ruled out any of the insane girls from Peter’s current season of the Bachelor, which I was pretty happy about. The front runners on social media for the next Bachelorette were Tayshia from Colton’s season and Tia from Arie’s season. I was a big fan of Tayshia on Colton’s season, her and Hannah Godwin were definitely my favorites. I thought Tayshia should have been the Bachelorette at the time instead of Hannah Brown, who’s season of The Bachelorette turned out atrocious.

This morning, on GMA, we found out that the new Bachelorette will be Clare Crowley from Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor and the first two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. I didn’t get into Bachelor Nation until Arie’s season of The Bachelor so I have never seen any of Clare’s appearances on the shows. The big differentiator on Clare and the other rumored Bachelorette’s is her age of 38. The last few seasons of the Bachelor series have been quite entertaining with all the train wrecks and drama. Colton’s season was filled with ridiculous immaturity from his side, Hannah’s season was atrocious all around and was centered around high school drama and Peter has no idea what is going on in his season. So I think having a 38 year old Bachelorette will be a refreshing change with an older cast. They’re actually going to be looking for true love and not so much to get ad deals on Instagram, and like I’ve said before…thats what the franchise is all about, love. And as a fan of older girls myself, I think Clare is smoking hot. 

Can’t wait to see Clare start her journey to find love on The Bachelorette after this wildly entertaining for all of the wrong reasons season of The Bachelor ends.

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