Anti-Climatic Women Tell All for Such a Drama Filled Season

Last week on The Bachelor, we were left with a cliffhanger going into the rose ceremony with Madison not there after Peter banged Hannah Ann and Victoria in the fantasy suites. This week we find out what happened next and then the Women Tell All!

Back to Australia, right to the rose ceremony where Madison isn’t there. But she shows up last minute and tells Chris Harrison that she was falling in love with Peter but after their date last week, now she doesn’t really know. Girl’s pissed.

“Hannah Ann, will you accept this rose?”

Then the final rose, Madison or Victoria. Make the right decision Peter. Give it a shot.

“Madison. Madison, will you accept this rose?”


“You sure?” 


Aweeee yay. See ya, Victoria.

Now it’s time for all these crazy women to Tell All! After some blow outs about Alayah’s drama, champagne-gate and Tammy’s drama, the first girl on the hot seat with Chris Harrison is Kelsey. Pretty boring appearance on the hot seat, although Kelsey seems way less insane than she did on the show this season.

Victoria F is next on the hot seat. She says that Peter put up with a lot for her. Chris also asks her about the allegations of her breaking up marriages, which she denies.

Peter’s next. And the first to join him is Victoria F. That went well and then the girls criticized Peter for him rewarding drama and making decisions that he made, but ultimately that he always followed his heart and that they respected him for it. He did do that, he made bad decisions along the way, but he did follow his heart.

Kind of an anti-climatic Women Tell All for such a drama filled season. 

Next week on two night live finale of The Bachelor, we find out how Peter’s journey ends. An ending that absolutely no one will see coming.

PS: Congratulations to Luggage Guy Trent (@BarstoolTrent) on his second Bachelor appearance during the credits. Dreams come true. 

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