Julia’s the Worst on Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart

I haven’t really been thrilled with the first three episodes of Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart but I’m still gonna pound a bottle of red on a Tuesday night (I had shit to do yesterday) and watch this garbage.

There’s six couples left. Chris Harrison rolls in today and emphasizes that the most important part of this is the relationships, not the music. So today they’re all going on dates with other people in the house to test the existing relationships. Interesting.

Jamie is going on a date with Ryan, who she went on one with first. Chris and Rudi. And most importantly, Julia and Brandon. The two worst ones on this show to cause another episode of drama.

Julia, who’s def more into Brandon than she is to Sheridan tells Sheridan that she thinks that this is going to solidify their relationship and give her clarity. No way that happens and Julia’s just gonna cuck Sheridan and make it a whole ordeal. 

Natascha’s so fucking hot. By far the hottest one on the show. I hope they bring her back on Bachelor in Paradise.

Jamie and Ryan’s date as well as Chris and Rudi’s dates go pretty boring and they quickly just talk about how its nice that they’re friends and that they’re still into their own relationships. Brandon and Julia hit it off writing some songs and seeing if they want to pursue things with each other. Meanwhile, the fucking loser Sheridan is at the house writing songs to sing to Julia about her coming back to him. It’s not gonna happen. She’s just not that into you. She does act like a total bitch about the whole date with Brandon though. I do feel bad for Savannah cause she’s kind of getting screwed over by the whole thing. Brandon and Julia really connect on their date while they’re performing and they make out at the Roxy (fun fact, the Roxy’s also a top tier strip club in Vancouver). Sheridan’s over. At least we won’t have to hear his ass anymore.

“I just feel like I just can’t do this with you”

Sheridan just walks away and Julia gets on his case for walking away. What a total fucking bitch. Like I’m not a fan of the guy, but she’s a fucking psycho. Let him leave in peace.

On the other hand, Savannah tells Brandon that she isn’t going to be a choice and says she’s just gonna leave. He’s such a douchebag. “My choice is you, I’m here for you”…but you want to bang Julia. Then he tells Savannah that he wants to work it out with her. But she tells him that it’s done. Good for her. 

Before the performances, my girl Natascha (with her hair down she kind of looks like Kaley Cuoco) tells Julia that Brandon said that if Savannah would’ve stayed he would have picked her over Julia. Interesting. Julia confronts Brandon about it and he just kind of shrugs it off. So yeah, that was probably true. Julia’s a bitch though so I hope that relationship falls apart on stage. Julia gets pissed at Natascha about it, not Brandon…so she’s clearly insecure. 

Matt and Rudi do a good job on their performance of Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton and the judges liked it. 

Jamie has another meltdown again tonight before her performance with Trevor. Same as last week. The judges even notice her nervousness and her and Trevor don’t really connect. It’s definitely easier to guess who’s probably going home on this show compared to the other Bachelor shows. It’s for sure not as good of a show as Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

Bri and Chris get assigned the best song of the night with Lover, by Taylor Swift. And I thought they did a great job performing it. And if readers didn’t know…I’m a huge Taylor fan so saying they did a good job means something. Taylor’s one of the best songwriters ever and Bri and Chris do very well with singing the lyrics. My favorite performance of the evening. After their performance, they both tell each other “I love you” for the first time. They’ll be the winners of this season. 

Julia’s all pissed at Natascha going into her performance of Belong by Pat Benetar with Brandon. Girl loves drama. I thought they did a shitty job singing a classic song, even though they individually have pretty good voices. Them singing it together’s just awkward though. And a weird mix of the song. One of the judges even said it sounded like a karaoke performance on stage. LMAO. The couple get into an argument after they leave stage. Julia’s the worst.

The final performance of the night, Natascha and Ryan do an awesome job singing a song I don’t think I ever heard. They seem like professional singers and do great together. And she’s SO hot.

Rose ceremony time and Bri and Chris are obviously the first to get roses. Matt and Rudi get roses next, followed by Natascha and Ryan, leaving Jamie and Trevor and Julia and Brandon with the final roses tonight. Jamie and Trevor receive the final roses, thankfully sending Julia and Brandon home….SEE YAAAAAA! Good riddance.

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