PLL Giving Us Pro Lacrosse During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

This past few months without sports has been the worst. There’s nothing to watch, nothing to make time go by, no scores to talk about, no escape from the real world. I can’t be any more excited for this Saturday to come with the rescheduled (for the second time) UFC 249 for our first taste of sports since mid March. More blogs from me coming on that later this week cause its a stacked card. It sort of makes sense that the UFC is the first sport coming back since really the only people it requires to be close to each other are the two athletes in the Octagon.

Then today in my email, I got a very pleasant surprise that my favorite sport of lacrosse would be the first team sport to return in 2020! I’m a bigger NLL/box lacrosse guy but the PLL put a fantastic product on the field last year in their debut season that blew the previous MLL out of the water.

Due to the pandemic, it isn’t a full season but a tournament that will take place during the time the Olympics were originally scheduled for. The tournament will consist of a 14 game group play stage with all 7 teams playing 4 randomly drawn games with two games per day from July 25th till August 2nd. Following the group stage, there will be an elimination round of 3 games with a bye for the #1 seed then a semifinal round and championship rounds.

Obviously there won’t be fans in attendance for these, but it will be a thrill to watch lax again in a few months.

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