Golf Video Games are Back with Announcement of PGA 2K21!

It’s been quite a while since a PGA Tour video game has been released. After the FANTASTIC EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour series ended in 2014, there’s only been one PGA game that’s been out since, EA Rory McIlroy PGA Tour for PS4 and Xbox One. Rory was supposed to be a full revamped golf game that instead of yearly releases was going to be updated with new courses and DLC. That didn’t last long though and although it was fun, it got pretty boring after a while just playing like the same like ten courses over and over. It didn’t have Augusta National. And it just wasn’t as fun as the old T Woods.

Yesterday, 2K Sports, the makers of the real popular NBA 2K games, announced that they are bring back PGA Tour video games and dropped a trailer for the new PGA 2K21: 

This looks sick. The graphics showing The Players at TPC Sawgrass look incredible with detailed shots of the course and that infamous 17th island green. The game was developed by HB Studios, who were the makers of the downloadable golf game The Golf Club 2019 that apparently has very nice recreations of famous golf courses and a career mode but without any PGA players. So it will be nice to see what they can do with 2K and a partnership with the Tour.

More details on the game are coming next week on May 14th. I’ll be looking forward to buying this game the day its released, whenever that is!

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