Imagine How Awesome an Ari Gold Spinoff of Entourage Would Be

Entourage was one of my favorite shows ever. I feel like every guy should watch it, cause these guy’s are living every guy’s dream. It’s fucking awesome, and it’s hilarious. Can’t not enjoy watching the lives of Vinny, E, Drama and Turtle loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s life getting famous with his crew of friends. And the fan favorite character on the show, the most powerful agent in Hollywood making Vinny a star, Ari Gold. Ari was the most electric character on TV.

Well, a couple days ago, Jeremy Piven, who played Ari teased bringing back a spinoff of Ari with a response to a tweet saying that he’d be down for HBO and Mark Wahlberg to make it happen.

But realistically, I though, sweet but probably not going to happen. Then Barstool (my dream employer) reported on it, and Jeremy Piven replied…

“We’ll bring Lloyd, we will get into it, we will hug it out”…make it happen HBO! We need more Ari!

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