Brooks Koepka Has an Awesome Petty Dartboard with Brandel Chamblee’s Face on It

Yesterday, Jena Sims, the smoke show girlfriend of four time major winner Brooks Koepka posted a video to her Instagram story of Brooks throwing bullseyes at his dartboard. The dartboard’s one of a kind, with a picture of Brooks’ biggest enemy, PGA media reporter, Brandel Chamblee. Obviously Brooks hates Brandel, since Brandel can’t resist bitching about how Brooks doesn’t respect the game of golf, only cares about majors and other bullshit like that.

Brandel at least took it well with a quick joke back.

Brooks is the coolest guy on the PGA Tour and this pretty move just solidifies it even more.

And in his quarantined boredom, he’s replying to everyone else on Twitter.

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