Kristin Announces Very Cavallari Cancelled Due to Her and Jay Cutler’s Divorce

I know a lot of guys might rip on this, but one of my guilty pleasure TV shows I watched every week was Very Cavallari on E!…mostly cause her soon to be ex-husband Jay Cutler was hilarious. Good mindless crap to watch for three seasons that you didn’t really need to pay much attention to but was still kinda entertaining. And every time Jay talked was laugh out loud funny. 

A few weeks ago, the couple announced that they were headed to splitsville and getting divorced. Jay’s been silent the whole time but Kristin’s just been claiming stupid shit to drag Jay through the mud, like that Jay was lazy and that he was an asshole to fans and the media. No shit, that’s why everyone loved him in the NFL. He was funny because of how little he cared about really anything in life. That’s pretty much why I tuned into Very Cavallari from the very beginning. And Jay shocked the world and was a star from the beginning.

I figured with their divorce, Kristin would keep the show going without Jay and use it as the main storyline of the show and use it as a platform to slander our guy. She’s been on reality TV shows since she was in high school and loves drama and being on a network that’s been manufacturing drama with the Kardashians for like a decade now.

Well, today in their wake of their divorce going on, Kristin announced that Very Cavallari would be coming to an end due to the changes in her life.

Or in other words, she and E! probably realized that no one besides a few former fans of The Hills are going to give a shit about Kristin running Uncommon James and all the bullshit drama of her employees. People wanted to see Jay, not another stupid show trying to be the next Vanderpump Rules. Jay made the show. Now its over.

Credit to the random person on Twitter that fixed the post for her:

RIP in peace, Very Cavallari. We’ll miss you Jay.

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