Bachelorette “Hometowns” Stuck on a Resort

Hard to believe that it’s already at hometowns in Tayshia’s portion of this season of The Bachelorette. Tayshia’s got four good guys in Ben, Zac, Brendan and Ivan. All four of these guys are there for the right reasons and could be a good fit for her. Due to the coronavirus shit going on, they obviously can’t actually go home so instead Chris Harrison tells the guys to plan dates that “take Tayshia to your hometown” within the resort, and the guys families are coming there. 

Brendan’s up first for “hometowns” and they do a little carnival date with his niece joining them before meeting his brother and sister in law.  It goes well and they both think it would be a good fit between them and that their individual divorces could have been a good thing on them to both connect on. 

Zac’s next (side note: this kid’s got some great Jordan’s including the Travis Scott 1’s tonight) bringing New York City to the resort before meeting his parents and brother. It goes great with them other than his brother asking Tayshia about her relationships with the other guys. It’s The Bachelorette man, stick to the program. 

Ivan and Tayshia cook a family recipe together. Absolutely the cutest of the three dates so far and the most realistic to not being stuck on a resort. Although his parents are skeptical of the format of the show, they both like Tayshia and are impressed by her. When he’s talking to his mom, Ivan says that he’s not ready to get engaged to her yet but may be if he gets to the end. Ivan’s brother surprises him and joins them, thrilling Ivan. It goes great for Tayshia and Ivan meeting his family. As the night ends, Ivan says that he’s falling in love with Tayshia, although he hasn’t told her that yet. 

Ben’s last with a Venice Beach roller skating date (neither of them could really skate). Tayshia says she’s falling in love with him but he hasn’t shown her where he’s at yet. Meeting his sister and family friend, Ben realizes that he thinks he’s falling in love with Tayshia. He gets real nervous though and doesn’t tell her. 

Rose ceremony time to see which three guys Tayshia brings to fantasy suite week. Ivan gets the first rose. Zac gets the second rose. Exactly as I expected for the first two guys. With the final rose of the night, Tayshia chooses Brendan, sending Ben home. Not a big surprise since he didn’t open up enough. I feel bad for the guy though. Sucks at that point. 

Next week we have hometowns and the season finale, again on back to back nights. 

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