The PLL and MLL Announce Merger, Bad Move for Pro Lacrosse

Since the Premier Lacrosse League started two years ago, its been fantastic. Paul Rabil and his group that created the league putting the players first and made it the most competitive, best lacrosse we’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, Major League Lacrosse has struggled for years from a league management standpoint all the way down and hasn’t been great. While the PLL thrived, the MLL sort of fell into a “minor” league sort of this with a majority of the most talented lacrosse players in the world moving to the PLL as their contracts with the MLL expired. 

Today the two professional field lacrosse leagues, the PLL and MLL announced a merger between the two. In this merger, the PLL will take over all operations of both leagues and gain an expansion team, the Cannons Lacrosse Team, a rebranding of the former Boston Cannons of the MLL, bringing the PLL to eight teams. The new Cannons will be an entirely new team that’ll be selected via an expansion draft in 2021, the same way the Waterdogs LC entered the league last year. More information will be released later regarding how current MLL players will be able to enter the PLL player pool and how the transition will occur. 

At first glance, I’m not a fan of this move. The MLL is currently a six team league and the PLL is only expanding with one team. That means that five teams worth of guys aren’t going to be playing professional lacrosse anymore after this move. Yes, it’ll bring some of the most talented players in the world to the PLL, like Lyle Thompson and Randy Staats and really make it the best of the best. But in killing off the already withering MLL, that leaves a lot of really good lacrosse players without a place to play which is a shame for a game that is trying to grow and expand.

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