NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 1/25/21

Tonight’s a short slate with only one game, Vancouver vs. Ottawa. The NHL can’t stay out of their fucking way with scheduling. Let’s have eight games on NFL Conference Championship Sunday and then follow it up with only one west coast game on Monday while the only ratings competitors are the NBA and The Bachelor, and then follow it up with another huge slate on Tuesday. No wonder barely anyone bothers to watch hockey. Yesterday I had a pretty shitty day of gambling, mainly because I didn’t stick to my system and got a bit wreckless. My two biggest plays of the night yesterday were the Islanders and the Blue, who were projected to start Semyon Varlamov and Jordan Binnington in net. Prior to putting in my bets, rookie goaltender for the Isles, Ilya Sorokin was confirmed in net. At first I wasn’t gonna bet it and then like a degenerate, I convinced myself to bet them anyway even though I’ve said before that the Devils aren’t as bad as they were last year and I don’t trust a kid starting in one of his first NHL games. Big loss there. Then I got lazy and complete forgot to check the Blues game if Binnington was confirmed, which he wasn’t and I just left both of my Blues bets in with their backup in net. Double loser. Lesson learned and I need to be disciplined and make sure that goalies get confirmed that I expect to start prior to actually betting the game. Also, I think Colorado just might not be as good as I thought they would be. I thought that they’d be a Cup contender out of the west and they’re losing to crappy Cali teams in LA and Anaheim. I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to keep betting their puck lines but I’ll likely lay off their moneyline for a while too at least until they get some consistent wins against lousy hockey teams. With the one game tonight, minimal action but I’m still betting it. It’s still early in the year so even though I’m down 10 units with a 50% record, there’s still a LONG season left to make that up and start churning a profit. 

Vancouver vs. Ottawa (10:00)

Vancouver should be the better team in this matchup tonight but both have been pretty lousy this year. Ottawa’s 1-3-1 and Vancouver’s 2-5. Both not good starts. In their 5 games this year, the Sens have gone over 6.5 in 3 of them this year (5 total goals in the other two). Vancouver’s been hitting overs at a very high rate and their overs are 6-1 on the season. Historically going back over the past two seasons, the overs in this Canadian matchup is 6-0. I’m riding those over trends and betting that for a unit tonight.


1u Vancouver/Ottawa over 6.5 (-120)

Record: 29-29 (-10.06 units)

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