Most of These Girls Are Terrible

Last week’s dramatic episode of The Bachelor ended with Sarah leaving the show. Time to see the aftermath of that exploding. Before the group date, Victoria makes a comment that the trash took itself out referring to Sarah leaving. Katie, who actually talked to Sarah last week and made herself instantly likeable calls Victoria out for being such a bitch. Victoria has to go. This bitch, who’s obviously just there so the producers can use her to cause drama, and isn’t even remotely hot, does nothing but stir up shit for no reason in the house and annoy the audience.

On the group date that rolled over from last week, they seemingly do nothing but talk at a cocktail party. Not sure if I just forgot whatever they did during the first part of the date if they did last week or if this is it. But how boring. Matt gives Chelsea the group date rose after she opens up to him and tells him about why she shaved her head and her insecurities about her hair. 

At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, while Matt’s talking to Victoria, Chris Harrison pulls him away to talk to him about something important. There’s new girls here to meet Matt and try to win his heart.

Let the journey continue.

The first new girl, Brittany, just starts making out with him right out of the car. What a move. Victoria starts shit with this girl as soon as she walks in the house and calls her a “slore”, which is fucking hilarious.

The next girl, Michelle, is a teacher from Minnesota that seems too normal for the show. Next comes Ryan, Kim and Catalina, who comes in rocking her Miss Puerto Rico  crown and sash. This girl seems almost just as annoying as Victoria, who just steals her crown. 

All the original girls are PISSED.

Anna, who is a spitting image of former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, says that she recognizes Brittany from Chicago and thinks that she isn’t there for the right reasons. 

Rose ceremony time, with all the new girls but no extra roses. With the final rose, Matt keeps Catalina, sending several of the original girls home. Game home, there’s going to be more bitches fighting.

Game on…ummm, this isn’t a game.

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins comes in to host the first group date of the week, an obstacle course with the new girls joining in. Afterwards at the cocktail party, while Anna is talking to Matt, Brittany comes to interrupt her. I guess we know the next rivalry in the house to create drama. Afterwards, Anna tells none other than Victoria that she heard a rumor in Chicago that “Brittany may be an escort”. WOAH. So this girl might be a hooker…thats fucking wild. Bri gets the group date rose.

After the group date, Anna confronts Brittany that before coming there, she was getting messages from people in Chicago to watch out for the girl and that she heard that she may be an escort. Big thing to say. Pretty big accusations. Bit much from Anna there.

Michelle, the only new girl not on the group date, gets the one on one to “make up for lost time”. So all the other girls are real pissed. They go on a scavenger hunt with a zip line and hot air balloon ride. What a great date. Matt and her have a great connection that he even says is going better than some connections he has with other girls that have been in the house for four weeks already. Matt tells her how comfortable he feels with her and gives her a rose. 

Brittany opens up to Katie about Anna and Victoria starting the hooker rumor and how shitty that was for her. Who would’ve thought the girl that came in with a dildo on night one is turning into the most mature, down to earth girl in the house. 

The second group date card says “are you willing to fight for love?” and of course, the girls are boxing. Katie speaks up to the other girls that they’re all being bitches to the new girls for no real reason. Katie goes to talk to Matt about the bullying in the house and how toxic the house is. Which it absolutely is. Most of these girls are fucking terrible this season. 

Next week on The Bachelor, Matt’s going to address this shit. Hopefully half these girls go home. 

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