The Greatest Football Video Game Ever is Officially BACK!

IT’S HAPPENING!!! Today in a wonderful tweet from EA Sports that made my day, they announced that For those who never stopped believing…the greatest football video game ever is officially coming back. After an eight year hiatus since NCAA Football 14 came out for PS3 and Xbox 360, EA Sports is bringing back their beloved college football video games. This news made my whole day!

NCAA Football 14 is still my favorite football game and seven years later I still play it regularly way more than I play the current versions of Madden that come out every year. Nothing better than running the Run Pass Option over and over again with Johnny Manziel (or Texas A&M QB1 as the game refers to him). 

I’m assuming the reason that EA Sports was able to bring this franchise back is because the NCAA, the most corrupt organization in all of sports, finally started to put in place rules to allow players to make money on their name and likeness. 

I can’t wait till the latest EA Sports College Football comes out for the current generation of consoles later this year and will be picking it up on release day. I’ll have to buy a PS5 before this drops too although I’m sure it’ll come out on PS4 and Xbox One as well. 

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