Villains Gone and the First I’m Falling in Love With You of the Season on The Bachelor Tonight

As I said after last week’s episode. This might be the worst group of girls for a Bachelor season. Like a majority of these girls are fucking awful. Would would have thought the most down to earth girl is the one that showed up with a vibrator on night one. 

Tonight we continue this shit show from last week. After talking to Katie last week about the bullying in the house, Matt addresses all the girls and first talks with Brittney about Anna spreading a rumor that she’s an escort. So Anna’s gotta be gone. “I said something rude about Brittany”. Anna, you said this girl was a fucking hooker. That’s not “rude”. That’s insane. Thankfully, Matt read’s right through Anna’s bullshit and sends her ass home. After that, all the other bitches start giving a bunch of fake apologies especially from Victoria. Time for this bitch to leave too. And hopefully never come back to a Bachelor Nation show. Matt ends the cocktail party earlier and it’s right to the rose ceremony. With the final rose remaining, Matt gives it to Serena C., sending Victoria FINALLY home along with few other girls. Instead of saying goodbye Victoria tells Matt that she feels bad for him making bad judgement sending her home. Just fucking leave, you psycho. 

Rachael gets the first one on one date this week. Matt takes her to try on and get a bunch of outfits and gives her a pair of Louboutin’s. Don’t judge the fact that I know what those are. At dinner, Matt’s really crushing on her and tells her that she captivates him. 

Rachael, I’m falling in love with you too. Rachael will you accept this rose?

First “I’m falling in love with you” of the season!

On the group date, Matt and the girls go to a farm. They do a bunch of farm work and then at the cocktail party, Matt tells MJ that her name was brought up to him about toxicity in the house. So MJ’s the new villain in the house and when she gets back to the other girls, she gets into an argument with Jossenia. Matt gives Abigail the group date rose after she opens up and is vulnerable about her hearing issues. 

Kit has the second one on one of the week, going to Matt’s and cooking with him.  Pretty boring and quick date and Matt gives her a rose. 

MJ and Jossenia get a two on one date prior to the cocktail party to find out the truth about what’s going on in the house. Let’s be real, neither of these girls are going to end up with Matt anyway. 

The drama continues next week on The Bachelor. 

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