A Favorite Exits and More Drama Ensues on The Bachelor

Last week most of the girls causing unnecessary drama on The Bachelor went home. There’s still a few sources of drama but hopefully we can finally get to the good part of the season. 

We start where we left off with MJ and Jessenia heading two a two on one over MJ’s mean girl shit. Matt sides with Jessenia and walks MJ out. Good move. Jessenia gets the rose as Matt trusts her. Following that he cancels the cocktail party and it’s straight to the rose ceremony. After Chris tells the girls, Serena C goes at Katie for bringing up the bullying. I hope Serena goes home too. With the final rose tonight, Matt keeps Serena C around for another week. After the rose ceremony, the next day Serena and Katie go at it again. Serena’s super fucking annoying. 

Heather from Colton’s season of The Bachelor, who was pretty boring on that season, shows up to the resort and talks to Chris Harrison. Apparently Hannah Brown told her that Matt and her would be a good match and she just had to meet her. Chris says he’ll look into it and she rolls away in her minivan. 

Pieper gets the first one on one of the week. On their date they go to a mini pop up carnival. She opens up with Matt during dinner that it’s hard for her to express feelings and open up about how she feels about him but then says that he’s falling in love with him. Matt gives her the rose. After dinner they go to a private concert of some random band no one’s heard of. They’re pretty good though! The Bachelor series is always good at finding music. 

On the group date, Matt and the girls go bowling and a cocktail party after with all the girls. Matt gives Michelle the group date rose. 

Before his one on one with Katie, Matt’s best friend, Bachelor Nation favorite, Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette, comes to spend some time and talk to Matt. 

On the first part of Katie’s one on one date, Matt and Katie have an actress give Tyler a ridiculous massage. At dinner afterwards, Matt tells her that his relationship with her hasn’t progressed as far as some of the other girls and doesn’t give her the rose. She’ll be the next Bachelorette.

Before this week’s episode ends, Heather rolls into the house and goes to talk to Matt. More unnecessary drama. 

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