On To Hometowns for Matt and It’s Getting Real Now

This week in Bachelor Nation has been filled with drama off screen surrounding the whole Rachael Kirkconnell, Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsey situation, that I’m not going to get into on this blog. If I wanted to talk about that I’d write a blog all about it. But I’m not gonna. 

On screen, we pick up where last week left off with Heather from Colton’s season joining in to try to get a chance for Matt’s heart. All the rest of these bitches act real rude to her even though she shouldn’t be here. It’s a producer move for her to be there anyway. Matt ultimately tells her that he doesn’t see a way it could work with her this far into the season, much to the delight of the rest of the girls. 

To the rose ceremony with only six roses remaining. Bri, Rachael, Serena P, Kit, Jessenia and with the final rose tonight, “Abigail will you accept this rose?” I’m glad he picked her and sent Serena C. home, I couldn’t stand her. I did feel bad for Chelsea going home though. 

The first date card of the week goes to Serena for her second one on one of the season. On their date they do some tantric yoga together. Serena wasn’t a fan but Matt liked it. At dinner, Matt says he’s happy that she was honest with him that she didn’t like the yoga and gives her a rose. The first home town has been decided. 

Abigail is the last name on the group date card, so Jessenia gets her first one on one. 

Last group date of the season with hometowns coming up next week. During the group date, Abigail asks Matt about where it’s progressing and Matt tells her that his relationships with the other girls progressed at a better pace than with her. So she goes home. Disappointing, I liked her. I hope she gets considered with Katie as the next Bachelorette. 

Matt gives Rachael the group date rose and the two of them leave the group date for a little private Aloe Blacc concert. No wonder Chris Harrison made this whole Rachael thing this week a big deal, cause this girl probably wins the whole thing and now it all looks bad for Bachelor Nation.

Later on after the group date, Kit goes to see Matt in his suite. She says that it’s not working for both of them and sends herself home. 

On their one on one date, Matt and Jessenia get to drift around in a Challenger. All gas, no breaks. As someone who used to drift around town for fun in my first car, this date seems like a fucking blast. At dinner though, Matt tells Jessenia that he’s just not there yet with her. So she’s gone too. Another one bites the dust. 

Pieper, Michelle and Bri are the three remaining with roses with only two left to go to hometowns. With the first rose, Matt takes Bri to hometowns. 

“Michelle, will you accept this rose?”

Next week, Matt and the ladies go to their hometown dates to meet the families and it’s real now. 

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