Not as Bad of a Women Tell All As I Expected

For the most part I haven’t really liked the cast of this season of The Bachelor. These girls have been mean girls, girls being fake, causing drama for no reason and super fucking annoying all season. I’m not generally a huge fan of the Women Tell All episodes since its all about airing drama. So while it can be entertaining, I usually find it kind of annoying. And I’m sure this season’s is going to be even worse.

Also a side note, the fact that when Chris Harrison came on stage they had to put in “Previously recorded on 2/4/21”…give me a fucking break. How long are they going to drag on this whole Chris Harrison/Rachel Lindsey/Rachel Kirkconnell off screen drama for. I haven’t really addressed it before in any of my blogs but I think its horrible that Rachel Lindsey’s getting attacked for this whole situation, while at the same time, although Chris Harrison could’ve went about it in a way better way, I also don’t think he’s racist or anything and that whole interview thing is getting overblown. You can support Rachel Lindsey while at the same time not losing your mind trying to cancel Chris. The whole Cancel Culture thing is getting ridiculous. Yes, Rachel Kirkconnell doesn’t have a good history but Chris Harrison’s just trying to protect his show and the obvious winner of this season. So let’s relax on all of that shit. The whole season’s already all recorded anyway. 

Right into the Women Tell All. The first thing addressed, the toxicity between Jessenia and MJ. That leads right into the Victoria drama. Which is just as annoying as she was through the whole season. Victoria does apologize to Katie for the drama though which I actually thought seemed genuine enough. Several of the girls go after Katie after that though for going to Matt about the toxicity in the house.

First on the hot seat, Brittany. Who was the victim of Anna starting a rumor that she was an escort. Which has to be the worst allegations someone in Bachelor Nation has had to deal with. Anna apologizes again about what a horrible move it was for her and takes full responsibility for how bad her actions were. 

Next they show some crappy date that didn’t make it onto an episode, which not gonna lie, I kinda zoned out for and didn’t care.

Next on the hot seat, Katie. Katie makes a pretty good case for herself to be the next Bachelorette as she does the whole “is it just me? Is there someone out there that wants me for me?” and Chris questions her on if she knows what she wants and she does a hell of a job making her case. I personally hope she is the next Bachelorette and I think she would be a good Bachelorette.

Abigail’s next, who was my favorite one of the girls in the cast this season and another girl I think would be a great candidate to be the next Bachelorette. She has a lot of “what ifs” with what could have happened between her and Matt. Abigail goes into how great of a response she has gotten from the deaf community, which is great to see. Like Katie, she says she feels like The Bachelor was a great experience from her and that she grew from it. 

Pieper, who Matt said goodbye to right before hometowns in the next one on the hot seat. Nothing really interesting out of that conversation. Thats followed by Serena P. who just ended things with Matt in last week’s episode after seeing that there just wasn’t something there between the two of them. 

Matt comes out and none of the girls really have anything surprising to say to Matt. Not as bad of a Women Tell All as I expected.

Next week, fantasy suites as we near the end  of Matt’s dramatic season of The Bachelor.

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