NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 4/16/21

Had some bad breaks last night and I lost what I won earlier this week. Pretty quiet night with only four NHL games.

Canadiens vs. Flames (6:00)

Calgary’s 4-1 this season against Montreal, but I think the Habs are the better team in this game. Montreal called up Cole Caufield called up for his NHL debut tonight so I’m interested how the highly touted prospect does tonight. Regardless of Caufield being in the lineup, I think Montreal wins this one. I’m not betting this game though and I’ll likely stay off most of the North Division games the rest of the regular season.

Bruins vs. Islanders (7:00)

Last night the Bruins got their first win in six games this season against the Isles and they beat NY 4-1. Last night I walked right into the trap line on the Islanders and I’m gonna do it again tonight. Half a unit on the Isles.

Wild vs. Sharks (8:00)

The Wild have been having a fantastic season and the Sharks haven’t been good. What’s interesting here though is that SJ is playing very well against Minnesota and are actually up 3-2 on the season series. I’d lean the Wild here since they are the better team but at -250, I don’t like the price on this game to bet on it.

Ducks vs. Golden Knights (10:00)

Vegas is playing fantastic hockey and can compete for a Cup. Anaheim’s the worst team in the West. I don’t think Vegas has any problem getting past the Ducks tonight. I’ll take the Knights for 2 units and the Knights in regulation for a unit. In addition to that, I’ll continue my Vegas third period trend with a unit on the Knight -.5 in the 3P.


.5u Islanders ML (+100)

2u Vegas ML (-250)

1u Vegas in regulation (-165)

1u 3P Vegas -.5 (-105)


2u Stanley Cup Champions: Vegas Golden Knights (+700)

2u Stanley Cup Champions: Colorado Avalanche (+650)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: New York Islanders (+1300)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: Washington Capitals (+1600)

Record: 229-174-1 (-22.51 units)

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