NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/12/21

Really the only thing up for grabs in the NHL tonight is the chance for Colorado and Vegas to win the President’s Trophy and the important first place seed in the West. The other three games tonight are meaningless.

Canadiens vs. Oilers (5:00)

This game between these two playoff teams is meaningless with Montreal locked into the 4 seed to play Toronto in the first round and Edmonton locked into the 2 seed to play Winnipeg in the first round. So this game doesn’t matter to either team. The Habs are 5-3 against the Oilers this season but are coming into this game with four straight losses. Edmonton’s been hot lately led by the best player in this generation and I’d predict if their stars play tonight, they win this game pretty easily. Wouldn’t bet on it though.

Senators vs. Maple Leafs (8:00)

This game has no impact as the Leafs have already clinched first place in the North and Ottawa despite being one of the hottest teams in hockey in the last few weeks were eliminated a long time ago. Freddy Anderson is getting his first start in goal since March 16th coming off an injury in time for the playoffs, although I’d expect Campbell gets the net when the North starts the first round. The Leafs have seven wins in their last eight games and they’re 5-3 against the Sens on the season. They should win tonight to stay hot going into the playoffs but I wouldn’t bet on Anderson’s first start in almost a month either. I’d lean the over which is 5-3 on the season in matchups in the battle of Ontario this season.

Sharks vs. Golden Knights (9:00)

After losing to the Avs 2-1 on Monday night with only 15 skaters on their bench, the Golden Knights no longer control their own destiny to win the West Division and the President’s Trophy. They now need to win tonight and have Colorado lose at least one of their two remaining games against LA so they have to win this game tonight. And that’s significant cause both teams would much rather face the Blues who limped into the playoffs in the first round rather than the Wild. Vegas needs to win this game and it should come without much issue for them. They’re 7-0 against the Sharks this season and I’d think they make it 8-0 tonight. The Sharks stink. The ML at -210 isn’t bad on Vegas tonight but I’m sticking to my guns of not betting any games this week and waiting until playoffs start on Saturday.

Blues vs. Wild (9:00)

This game has no significance tonight and both of these teams are awaiting either Vegas or Colorado depending on which of those two teams finish in first place coming down to the last two games of the season for them. The Wild are the way better team here and the Blues are starting Ville Husso tonight, so I’d lean Minnesota wins this one although St. Louis is 4-2 against Minnesota this season so I wouldn’t bet this game with either team having anything to play for.  

Avalanche vs. Kings (9:00)

Colorado determines their own destiny to win the West and the President’s Trophy after beating Vegas 2-1 on Monday night. Assuming Vegas wins tonight, the Avs need to win both of their remaining games against LA to win the West Division and the President’s Trophy. More importantly, winning the West matches them up with the Blues in the first round instead of the Wild, so first place is important. Even though the Avs are 5-1 against the Kings this season, the ML here at -360 is ridiculous so I wouldn’t bet it but I’d definitely lean that Colorado wins here and likely again tomorrow to clinch first place  and home ice throughout the Stanley Cup Finals if they get there. 


None until the playoffs.


2u Stanley Cup Champions: Vegas Golden Knights (+700)

2u Stanley Cup Champions: Colorado Avalanche (+650)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: New York Islanders (+1300)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: Washington Capitals (+1600)

Record: 308-228-2 (-15.13 units)

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