NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/17/21

We’re officially in the playoffs with four series already off to awesome starts and two more series starting today along with Game 2 of Caps/Bruins!

Game 2: Capitals vs. Bruins (7:30)

Game 1 was a disappointment for me as the Bruins lost to the Caps 3-2 in overtime. After Capitals goalie Vitek Vanecek got hurt as the Bruins scored their first goal of the game, Craig Anderson came in to replace him. I thought that once Anderson was in the B’s would capitalize (get it) on him. They didn’t. I did see some stuff in Game 1 though on the Bruins side that I think they fix tonight. The Bruins generated a ton of rebounds on shots and didn’t jump on them and put the puck in the net on bad defensive situations for the Capitals. Thats something you easily see in film study and fix. I think the B’s tie up the series with a win tonight and I’m on the Bruins ML for a unit.

Game 1: Hurricanes vs. Predators (8:00)

As I broke down in my preview of this series, I think Carolina cruises through this series against Nashville. With the price on this series being a little too pricey for me, I have 3 units on the Canes to win it in six games or less. Since a large majority of teams who win Game 1 go on to win their series, I’ll take the Hurricanes in Game 1 tonight for 2 units.

Game 1: Avalanche vs. Blues (10:00)

The Avs are the best team in hockey. In my blog breaking down this series, I said I think the Avs are a force that rolls through the Blues this series. In addition to my props on this series, I’m going with 2 units on the Avs in regulation for Game 1.

Game Bets

1u Bruins ML (-135)

2u Carolina ML (-165)

2u Colorado in regulation (-190)

Series Bets

4u Bruins (-155)

4u Penguins (-140)

3u Carolina in 6 or less games (-150)

2u Colorado to win series in 6 or less games (-190)

1u Colorado to win series 4-0 (+450)

1u Colorado to win series 4-1 (+300)

1u Colorado to win series 4-2 (+400)


2u Stanley Cup Champions: Vegas Golden Knights (+700)

2u Stanley Cup Champions: Colorado Avalanche (+650)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: New York Islanders (+1300)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: Washington Capitals (+1600)

1.5u Stanley Cup Champions: Boston Bruins (+900)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: Pittsburgh Penguins (+1300)

2u East Division Champions: Boston Bruins (+180)

2u East Division Champions: Pittsburgh Penguins (+235)

Record: 308-231-2 (-19.83 units)

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