PLL Weekly Gambling Preview – Week 4 – 2021

There were a ton of upsets in the PLL last week and I went 2-4 for a losing week. This week the league is on Long Island for five games on Fourth of July weekend, let’s get some wins to get back in the positives.

Archers vs. Chrome (6/2 7:00)

Though three weeks the Archers have established themselves as easily the best team in the PLL this season, with an astounding 25 shot differential and they’re the only remaining undefeated team. Tonight they play the Chrome, who are 1-2 after a shocking 16-6 win over the defending champ Whipsnakes, who hadn’t lost since 2019. In the past two years with a team that wasn’t nearly as good, the Archers are 4-0 against the Chrome. The Archers are the way better overall team here and they should have no problem continuing to dominate the league with another win tonight. The Archers are way too high priced for me at -500 on the ML, so I’ll have to go with the -2.5 spread here for 2 units. That spread hasn’t mattered for the Archers yet this season, as they’ve covered that with blowout wins in all three games they’ve played this season.

Redwoods vs. Waterdogs (6/3 12:00)

These two teams have been hard to gauge through their first four games they’ve each played this season. They’re both 2-2 and statistically match up pretty close. I like the under 22.5 on this game but think if it hits, it may come pretty close to the total, so I’ll go with that for half a unit. Last season when these teams played, the Redwoods won 11-8, but I think the Waterdogs have improved since last year with rookie Michael Sowers on attack and they upgraded their goaltending with Dillon Ward. I’d lean the Woods win this game but not enough to bet on them at -230, and I don’t trust them laying 1.5 points. If anything, there’s some value on the other side on the Waterdogs. Both of these teams have been inconsistent so who knows.

Cannons vs. Chaos (6/3 3:00)

Last week the Chaos got their first win of the season with a 11-9 win over the Redwoods (which I lost on). The Cannons took an 18-17 loss to the Atlas on Sunday, where they were down 10-6 at halftime as rookie Jeff Teat beat them up. Even though both these teams are 1-3, I think the Cannons are the much better team and what I’ve seen from them impressed me more than the Chaos has. I’ll take the Cannons here for half a unit each on the ML and -1.5 spread.

Archers vs. Whipsnakes (6/4 12:30)

Both of these teams, who still sit at the top of the PLL standings are coming off losses, with the Whips getting shit kicked 16-6 last week by the Chrome to take their first loss since 2019. The Archers looked unstoppable until Friday night where they ALSO lost to the Chrome in an 8-7 barn burner where the Chrome got the winning goal in the closing 15 seconds of the game. I think the Archers are still the team to beat this season and this should be a fantastic game. On average, the Archers are scoring 2 more goals per game than the Whips and allowing 4.5 less. I think the Archers win this game and I’ll take the Archers ML for half a unit. I also think the over under at 26.5 is too high at 26.5 goals, so I’ll take the under for half a unit as well.

Chrome vs. Atlas (6/4 3:15)

The Chrome are coming into this game off of two huge upset wins over the Whipsnakes (16-6) last week and then with Colin Heacock scoring the game winner with just 15 seconds left in the game, beat the Archers 8-7 on Friday night. This 2-2 team has a ton of momentum coming into this game. Historically, the Chrome are 0-3 against the Atlas, but I think the Chrome makes it three wins in a row over the new look offense of the Atlas that came to life with the addition of Jeff Teat on attack. I like the Chrome to win outright but at only -127, I’d rather take the +1.5 for a unit.


2u Archers -2.5 (-167)

.5u Redwoods/Waterdogs under 22.5 (-113)

.5u Cannons ML (-200)

.5u Cannons -1.5 (-120)

.5u Archers ML (-143)

.5u Archers/Whipsnakes under 26.5 (-113)

1u Chrome +1.5 (-127)


3u PLL Champions: Archers (+190)

Record: 9-11 (-8.06 units)

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