Pretty good season of The Bachelorette as Katie’s journey to find love comes to an end.

I’m a day late watching the finale to Katie’s season of The Bachelorette. I’m traveling so I’m watching last night’s episode from an airport on my laptop blogging it like a crazy person. 

Last week’s dramatic episode saw Greg leaving after his hometown in crazy fashion and Katie losing her mind after he left. Does she leave too after she said she wanted a flight booked home or end up with Blake or Justin (doubtful)? Time to find out. 

We picked up where we left off with a recap of last week. Katie joins Tayshia and Kaitlyn on the hot seat looking back on Greg’s exit. Katie says that she’s still pissed about how he left and talks about how he walked away from her and talked down to her. 

Back to New Mexico to see what happened next following Greg’s exit from the show. Katie chooses to stay to continue to pursue her journey with Blake and Justin. On to fantasy suites with the final two men. 

Blake’s up first for fantasy suites. First, Katie and Blake have like a paint balloon fight that looks pretty fun and after while sitting in a hot tub, Katie fills in Blake on her stressful week of Michael and Greg both leaving. Blake says in the confessional that Katie saying that she considered leaving when Greg left makes him have some doubts about if she feels the same way with him and wonders if she could be ready for an engagement. After Blake tells Katie how he loves her and makes this whole speech, Katie finally does what she didn’t with Greg and reciprocates telling Blake that she fucking loves him too and we know who the winner of this is. Justin didn’t stand a chance.

Katie and Blake, should you choose to forgo your original rooms, please use this key to stay in the fantasy suite.

Still feels weird not having Chris Harrison sign off on that note. We miss you Chris.

Afterwards, talking to Kaitlyn about how great their fantasy suite was and how great their sex was (of course Blake and Katie were gonna fuck, obviously), Katie tells Kaitlyn that it was the best night of her life and that at dinner that night was when she knew that it was Blake. Then Kaitlyn brings up “obviously, Justin’s still here”. Time to send this poor fella home.

Katie gets right to it with the “can we talk?” to Justin as soon as he shows up for his date. Definitely the right way to do it and let’s be real, there was no chance this kid was winning this season and ending up with Katie. “I did have my overnight with Blake and in that, I did tell him that I’m falling in love with him.” Well, you didn’t really have to get that deep with him. But it’s the right thing to send the guy home rather than make him go through the date and the rest of the finale. Really a Cinderella run for Justin. No one saw him getting this far. But just like in March Madness, Cinderella stories end. 

Justin now gets his turn to join Tayshia and Kaitlyn on the hot seat in studio. Justin says that he wondered if he would still even be there at that point if Greg and Michael hadn’t left. Which is absolutely true. He also says he doesn’t feel as though Katie gave him a fair shot. Katie then joins Justin in the hot seat with some pretty anticlimactic closure.

Next up, time for Blake to meet Katie’s family. Blake meets Katie’s mom and aunt. Katie’s aunt starts with saying that its crazy to think that Katie could be engaged at the end of this and that Katie and Blake don’t realize the logistics of it. Katie’s aunt seems real annoying and super difficult to deal with but her mom accepts Blake pretty quickly and thinks it could be a great match between the two of them.

For their last date, Katie and Blake meet with an “energy healer”…whatever that hippy bullshit is. They write down their fears and insecurities and then light them on fire in some creepy clown thing. 

Tayshia FaceTime’s Neil Lane and instead of him being here to help Blake select a ring, its Tayshia that helps Blake pick one up…which is weird seeing that Tayshia previously sent Blake home on her own season of The Bachelorette. Blake struggles with the commitment of getting engaged while picking out a ring.

As Katie and Blake see each other though at the final rose, Blake proposes to Katie. Still the best part of this show every season!

After the final rose, before Katie and Blake are back in the studio for the first time together on screen since their engagement, Greg’s up first in the hot seat to address his decision to leave following his hometown date. Greg says that he has no regrets and thinks the disconnect between him and Katie that her not telling him that she loved him at the time that he wanted was the right reason to leave. I’m kind of neutral on that. I think that they both handled that whole thing quite poorly.

Katie joins them on the hot seat and starts with a very petty “hi” to Greg, clearly pissed off. Like move on, you’re engaged to someone else now. Get over it. Katie then says that she never felt that Greg ever actually intended to get engaged and was just looking for a reason to leave. She calls him out on how he left and gets all pissed off and calls Greg out for “acting” on the show with her. She says that after he left the show he finds out that he’s actually confident and cocky and that he went to acting school and just put on a show with Katie. Pretty big accusations that sort of seem like when a girl dumps a guy and then shit talks him in anger, calling him out for gaslighting her. Yeah he made a pretty dramatic stupid way of exiting, but she wasn’t great in that situation either. Katie talking about roses and Greg being a front runner last week was essentially the same bullshit that she’s calling Greg out for now. They both played the game. I think she’s being a bit overdramatic on this whole thing while he was a bit overdramatic in the way he was leaving last week. Especially emotional while she’s engaged to Blake.

Blake joins Katie on After the Final Rose. Pretty good season of The Bachelorette as Katie’s journey to find love comes to an end.

Next Monday night, the best of the Bachelor Nation franchise begins again as we head to the beach for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise!

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