Such a completely shady move by Brendan last night on Bachelor in Paradise who’s SO not here for the right reasons.

There was plenty of drama on last weeks Bachelor in Paradise and this week things are only going to escalate. I’m a day late watching last night’s episode but here we go. So two Bachelor in Paradise blogs in a day tonight as I watch both episodes back to back.

We pick up where we left off last Tuesday with Joe’s ex girlfriend Kendall arriving back to the beach where Joe and Kendall had met a few seasons ago. Kendall tells Joe that she wants him to be part of her life again and they talk through why the broke up, which for both of them was “logistics”. 

The producer throw in a cheesy montage of Joe and Kendall’s romantic moments from their last season here together. Kendall asks Joe about how its going for him Paradise and he says he’s on the same path as last time only talking to Serena. They get into a whole discussion about the logistics of their breakup. She clearly still has feelings with him but he doesn’t know what he thinks on if he’s still in love with her but still wants to pursue things with Serena. He talks to Serena and tells her that its going to be weird with Kendall there but he still wants to pursue things with Serena, while being kind of up in the air on if he’s over Kendall or not. 

After they thought it was over last week, Noah and Abigail rekindle things and try to work on things together again. I think both of them got real in their own heads last week so this makes sense. 

When Kenny gets back from his date with Tia, Mari pulls him to the side to talk. Then after that, Demi pulls him over to talk. So Kenny’s trying to go after Tia, Mari and Demi all at the same time. This is gonna explode into top notch TV. Demi tries to pull the move to try getting him to go to the boom boom room with her and he says no. Here comes hurricane Demi. 

After kissing last week, Brendan and Natasha seem to be hitting it off although he seems real fake in talking to her. But who else could be coming down the stairs to Paradise to put an end to that…Pieper from Matt’s season of The Bachelor, who Brendan had a connection with prior to coming to Paradise and was rumored to be in a relationship with. When Brendan and Natasha had talked about it, he said it was very casual. With the date card that Pieper comes in with, she right away asks Brendan to go on the date with her. She doesn’t even talk to anyone else before that and just asks him immediately. And he says yes right away, but first goes to talk to Natasha. Pretty shitty on Brendan’s part towards Natasha.

On his date with Pieper, Brendan tells her that before she arrived he made a connection and had some really good conversations with Natasha but pretty much downplays it and then tells Pieper about how she had been brought up in Paradise. Then Pieper responds that he’s downplaying what they had before he came to the beach and that she thought it was already a budding relationship between them. So this guy is just downplaying every girl he is talking to and trying to get with everyone. I feel bad for Natasha too, just as all the rest of the people on the beach do, since Brendan just played her “saying all the right things”. The dude’s fake. He also tells her that he PLAYED THE GAME to stay in Paradise this long. Not. Here. For. The. Right. Reasons. Shady, shady, shady. Pieper tells him that she gets it and thanks him for playing the game for her. 

The next day when Brendan and Pieper get attached real quickly, Natasha asks Pieper to talk one on one to get answers directly from her to compare with the lies that Brendan lead her on with. Natasha calls her out on all of the bullshit that Pieper and Brendan have been pulling since they’re both essentially just here for the Instagram followers and fame that comes with being on these shows. NOT HERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!

Then when Natasha confronts Brendan about it, he pulls a real scummy move and takes no blame at all for screwing over Natasha like he did. Then on their own, Pieper and Brendan just sit there laughing about the whole thing. Real dirty scheming. The only reason these two are here is to be on TV.

Time to watch the second episode of the week. Blog coming in a couple hours.

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