Same exact bullshit on Bachelor in Paradise with two couples, two nights in a row!

On last night’s Bachelor in Paradise, which I just finished watching (read my blog recapping that one), Brendan revealed that he pulled the scummiest move ever “playing the game” until Pieper arrived to the beach to continue his relationship from before Paradise with her. Totally not here for the right reasons…at all. That makes him and Pieper, rightfully so, the villains of the beach. Tonight that continues and I’m sure even more shit starts and escalates. 

The guys have the roses this week and tonight’s episode starts with a “VIP” party in Paradise with a select group of guys and girls. At the party, four new ladies arrive including Chelsea from Matt’s season of The Bachelor and Alana from Matt’s season who I don’t remember at all, so she must have been probably a night one exit.

Chris pulls Alana, who he had already met prior to Paradise to talk to after he made a connection with Jessenia. Chris tells Alana that “I’m gonna piss someone off but I’m gonna do something I’ve wanted to do for a while” and makes out with her. Drama starting off quick as Jessenia walks by and sees them hooking up. So that’s over with Chris and Jessenia. Everyone else calls out Chris on that feeling bad for Jessenia and Deandra even says it reminds her of the same bullshit that Brendan and Pieper pulled on last night’s episode. 

On the beach the next day, Mari and Kenny talk and after he tells her that he doesn’t completely trust her intentions and that she acts different on weeks that he has the rose, they connect and tell each other they had a strong connection and that they’d leave the beach with each other. We’ll see how this works out since a minute ago Kenny was still playing the field with Demi and Tia as well. After that conversation with Mari, Kenny goes to talk to Demi and she of course over dramatizes it all to him. 

After the party the night prior, Chris is moping around on the beach knowing that he screwed things up with Jessenia by making out with Alana…and who else would walk down on that beach but Alana. Of course with a date card that he asks Chris to go on. Then after that he says “I know this is gonna piss a lot of people off but I’m following my heart and going on this date”, and as Grocery Store Joe says, its not going to piss anyone off cause no one gives a fuck about Chris. Before leaving for the date, the rest of the people on the beach tell Chris he should go talk to Jessenia first, so he does. She doesn’t even want to talk to him and pretty much tells him to fuck off. So he goes on the date. Chris and Alana go zip lining through the forest, which looks like a blast to me. At the beach the two of them get accused for possibly already knowing that they would both end up in Paradise together and then on their date Chris tells her “about time you showed up”. ANOTHER couple not here for the right reasons. These two losers are solely here for the Instagram followers. Same bullshit on back to back nights with this show. 

Next up to arrive to the beach after the party is Chelsea, the runway model from Matt’s season of The Bachelor. With her date card, she asks Aaron to go on a date with her. 

The former Bachelorette Becca also gets a date card this week. First, Becca pulls Tammy aside and asks her if she is okay with taking Thomas on a date and she very maturely handles it and I think makes the good move. Becca then asks Thomas on the date. Gross. Thomas is the fucking worst, fake bastard. As soon as Thomas and Becca walk away, Tammy starts crying and freaks out. Tammy also got herself into this whole problem with the whole Aaron and Thomas drama. Aaron is also interested in Becca, who got her first rose so I’m sure when they all come back from their dates, there might be some more fireworks. Tammy regrets screwing over Aaron since now she’s screwed with Thomas making a decent connection on his date with Becca. 

When Chris gets back from his date with Alana, he gets pulled over by a group of the people on the beach, mainly lead by Joe and Riley who call him out on his bullshit directly. Jessenia joins in on it and calls him out for leading her on when he already clearly had something going on with Alana outside of Paradise. Everyone says that Chris and Alana should both pack their bags and leave Paradise. At that point, Chris knows he’s fucked and tells Alana that he has to leave Paradise. Chris asks Alana to leave with him and she says its ridiculous since she’s only been there for less than 24 hours. She tells him that she can’t leave there and just commit to a relationship outside of Paradise with him yet. But obviously she’s kind of stuck and can’t stick around so she leaves as well. See ya! As Chris is getting in the same car as Alana she tells him “this is not your car”, effectively breaking up with him. Which is completely hilarious. Sometimes these people get what they deserve when they just come on these shows fishing for IG followers.

It is pretty bullshit though from the rest of the beach that Brendan and Pieper aren’t getting called out directly for their bullshit in the same way that Chris did. And that will escalate again next Tuesday (Monday episodes are over now that Dancing with the Stars is starting). Drama, drama, drama. This season is so fucking good. Top notch entertainment.

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