Facebook’s and all of its platforms are down today…Coincidence?

Facebook’s the worst, most toxic and annoying place on the internet. And it’s down today along with the other Facebook Inc. owned platforms Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Back in the day, the most popular website on the internet started off as a website made (stolen) on Harvard’s campus to compare two people and vote on who was hotter. Later that expanded to a clean, awesome social media site that exploded as college students flocked to it from mySpace. But then Facebook saw its down fall as it went from “pokes” and “likes” to your aunts whining about politics, your parents asking if you saw this picture of someone else in your family and your neighbor sending you Farmville requests. It became a cesspool of ridiculousness and just a completely atrocious website and has become worse and worse as its become the main platform of political bullshit on both sides. 

Last night, on 60 Minutes, a Facebook whistleblower exposed how for years Facebook and Instagram has known how toxic they are to the mental health of people, especially teenagers and kids. 

Recently, anti Biden posts from celebrities, anti vaccine mandates and anti covid regulations have been big topics that have come to Facebook. Censorship from big tech on anything that doesn’t fit their narratives that they’ve pushed and people pushing back on that as high up as the former President of the United States. 

Then this morning…it all went down. Apparently there’s some big DNS issues for connectivity to Facebook that are causing big issues and for the whole day today no one has been able to access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

I’m sure there’s plenty of backups on remote storage but this could be a huge problem for Facebook. Employees there can’t enter their buildings because their door badges aren’t working, they can’t receive or send external email. There’s lots of issues with Facebook’s databases. 

I’m sure this is totally a coincidence…

Another thing I noticed today was how many times I clicked the Instagram app on my phone to open it even knowing that it was down. Like that just proves how addictive of an app that and Facebook are (I rarely use Facebook anymore besides a few groups I’m in, so I don’t have the app installed). The daily scrolling through memes, bullshit and fake versions of themselves that people put out there isn’t good for anyone.

Honestly, I kind of hope Facebook is gone forever. Nothing good comes from one platform having so much control of speech worldwide. 

PS: Twitter’s having a day…but they’re just slightly less terrible

PSS: This was a pretty different blog than my usual bullshit about craft beers, sports, gambling and The Bachelor and I got a little more political than I typically do but this was a fun one to write. 

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