Pretty good end to a great season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Tonight alongside the Yankees and Red Sox battling it out in a one game do or die playoff Wild Card game, we have the finale of an awesome season of Bachelor in Paradise. Thank god I have two TVs so it’ll be baseball and Paradise side by side. 

Paradise comes to a close this week with several couples remaining and plenty of drama going on at the beach. At the end of last week’s episode after Paradise prom, Noah ended it with Abigail telling her that she isn’t his person. That conversation continues this week with Abigail telling Noah that she was planning on telling him that she was falling in love with him too and feels blindsided by it. She is right by that, like the week before he told her that he loved her. So it’s understandable that she’s pissed at him. They both say their good byes and leave Paradise separately. 

The following day, a lot of the other couples start questioning if their own relationships will work in the real world after seeing Abigail and Noah going home. 

The guys have the roses with seven guys and nine girls, so at least two are going home. Before the rose ceremony, Wells cancels the cocktail party. At this point, if you need a cocktail party to make that decision, you should probably just go home. After they got together at prom, Aaron gives his rose to Tia, sending Chelsea home. Ed with the final rose remaining gives his rose to Mykenna who just arrived on the beach last week, which sends Natasha home.

Dean and Caelynn, who found success in the last season of Paradise come in and let the remaining couples know that Paradise is over with no one new arriving. 

Kenny makes sure that him and Mari are on the same page going into fantasy suites since there’s a big age difference with him being 40 and her being 25. That conversation goes well for both of them, even though I don’t really see it working long term for these two. 

Next, Becca and Thomas talk and she tells him that she didn’t expect to find a connection on Paradise (why bother coming then?) and that finding Thomas was a great surprise but she doesn’t know if it’s too good to be true. She ends things with him and they both leave Paradise separately. 

Ed and Mykenna, who met a day before have a talk that he brings up about going to the fantasy suites together to get to know each other better. Which is comical between these two are both annoying. She tells him that there’s something missing with them and that she can’t get there with him. He tries to plead his case with her and she just bails. Not like there was anything there between either of them to begin with, and neither seem to care whatsoever. 

Anna talks to James next, looking to make it work with him. He tells her that he doesn’t see it working out between them. They end things and both leave the beach. Dropping like flies off this beach. On his way out, James bounces with his best friend Aaron. The bromance of Paradise. Him and Tia didn’t really have anything real anyways and she leaves too. Pretty funny way to exit Paradise for those three. 

Onto the more serious couples, Maurissa and Riley talk. He kind of psychs her out and then surprises her by saying he’d love to go to the fantasy suites with her. 

Serena and Joe talk before fantasy suites and they both tell each other that they’re in love. Strongest couple of this season by far. 

Only three couples remain, Joe and Serena, Maurissa and Riley and Kenny and Mari. All three couples spend their nights together as couples in the fantasy suites. 

Onto proposals and final roses. First up, Kenny and Mari. He proposes to her, which she gladly accepts. For some reason I don’t see it lasting with them, but I hope it does. Good for them. 

Next are Riley and Maurissa, who get engaged as well. 

Joe’s on the beach waiting to propose to Serena but first…Kendall comes down to Joe. Instead of trying to stop it like the audience expects, Kendall tells Joe that she essentially accepts that they’re over and hopes that him and Serena are happy together. Obviously that causes Joe’s to go a bit nuts and he walks away from the final rose platform. After a return from commercial break, Joe proposes to Serena to which she accepts. 

Pretty good end to a great season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

After Paradise, Noah and Abigail got back together and Becca and Thomas did as well…and Aaron and James are roommates now. 

Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette starts two weeks from tonight.  

PS: Thank god I have two side by side TV. Now can we PLEASE get a Yankees comeback 🙏🏻

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