Michelle takes care of the unnecessary drama early tonight.

Last week was the first week of dates on Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette with several early connections for her and several ridiculous sources of drama. The biggest was with Jamie starting trouble (after his one on one date) with the whole house anonymously by telling Michelle that some of the guys in the house have doubts about her and don’t trust that she didn’t know Joe before the show.

For the first group date of the week, themed after Top Gun with two of the guys from the new sequel of it running the date. All the guys do a bunch of fitness activities, then a G-Force simulation thing and then a one on one jousting match. In the final match they show its Peter vs. Will. Peter gets his ass kicked and Will wins the competition and along with a bomber jacket gets some one on one time with Michelle in an old Porsche from Top Gun: Maverick. Afterwards, while Will is away from the group talking to Michelle one on one, Peter starts shit with him by throwing the jacket in the pool. Pretty immature. Will overreacts to it and leaves the group crying. A bit much to get that upset about it but Peter’s a fucking child. Hopefully he gets sent home quickly.

Martin makes the extra effort on the date to pull Michelle away from the group date a few times to just check in on Michelle and she gives him the group date rose. The night isn’t over yet for Martin and after the group date, he and Michelle have some time together dancing to a string quartet.

Rodney gets the one on one this week with Michelle. On their one on one, they handful themselves to each other and have to unwrap a bunch of boxes to find the key. After that they do a few other stupid “date activities” and then have dinner/ At dinner, they both open up a bit to each other and have a connection and Michelle gives Rodney the rose. Good for him, but I don’t see him going to the end of this with his obvious lack in confidence. 

On the second group date of the week the guys have to write poems for Michelle and then share them on the stage in front of everyone. Instead of following the “assignment”, Jamie decides to just recite some other shit instead to the guys. Michelle then does her own thing for all the guys opening up about her issues with race. Brandon gets his second group date rose with Michelle making a connection with him. 

After the date, Jamie pulls a producer to the side and tells her “I’m competing with Brandon for a woman’s attention, you’re telling me that we’re in the same league and we’re not even close. Like I have to wait six weeks to get to the end of this”…so he’s either extremely cocky and way too self absorbed with himself that he OR the producers already essentially rigged the show (and we all know that they would never admit that). Either way, now I hope h e goes home after starting drama with Michelle in the house and then this. He also says that “Michelle is in spring break mode”…and he’s the villain. 

Rose ceremony time with most of the guys not knowing that Jamie was who told Michelle that guys in the house didn’t trust his cocky ass. Rick brings up to Michelle at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony that he didn’t like what was brought up before the last rose ceremony. Michelle tells him that it was Jamie that brought it up to her. Several of the guys bring it up to Jamie who just denies any of the allegations they bring up against him. Jamie also brings up episodes…not here for the right reasons. This dude is bad news and has to go home. All of the guys call him out on it. 

Michelle tells Tayshia and Kaitlyn that Rick told her that the guys in the house never questioned her character and that she feels emotionally exhausted because of that. Jamie addresses the whole room about the bullshit and Michelle directly calls him out about it and that he started all this drama and turned it into something that it wasn’t. She pulls Jamie aside after that and calls him out on that her trust in him is completely broken because of the drama that he created around her character and put out to the house. Immediately after the, Michelle walks Jamie out and sends him home. Great move by Michelle, even after their initial one on one date connection. Michelle takes care of the unnecessary drama early tonight.

After sending Jamie home, Michelle ends the rest of the cocktail party and it’s right to the rose ceremony. With the final rose of the evening, Michelle gives Will the rose, sending Peter and several of the other guys that go no screen time home. So good results tonight with Peter and Jamie both going home.

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