Two big one on one dates this week for Michelle

Last week on the Bachelorette, we saw more unnecessary drama starting in the house with Chris S. starting shit with the whole house and directly conflicting with Nayte on it. Let’s see how that continues on this week’s episode as Michelle and her group of guys go to her hometown in Minnesota.

The first one on one of the week is with Joe, who’s also from Minneapolis. They start the date with throwing the first pitch at a Twins game, then going to her high school and they play basketball in her high school gym. At dinner, Joe opens up to Michelle about injuries that he faced playing sports and his mental health issues that he experienced following those injuries. Him and Michelle both get pretty emotional about it and connect.

Joe, will you accept this rose?

The group date of this week takes place on the field at US Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Vikings. Instead of the Vikings football team though, guys dressed up as medieval vikings come out of the tunnel to run the date. The guys dress up as Vikings and compete for best viking with stupid tasks like eating gross fish. Clayton wins that contest and then at the after party, he gets the group date rose. Chris S. makes a big deal that Michelle doesn’t say anything to her at the after party. This dude needs to go home as soon as possible.

Nayte gets the second one on one date of the week, which pisses of Chris S. since he called out Nayte last week to Michelle. On their date, they start off boating on Lake Minnetonka. Two of Michelle’s best friends from home join Michelle and Nayte on the boat, which Natye handles well and it goes good for them. At dinner, Michelle opens up to Nayte about struggles that she had in previous relationships where she was ignored and not seen. Michelle tells Nayte it was one of the best dates that she’s been on. 

During her one on one with Nayte, Chris S. comes to crash the date to talk to Michelle. Totally out of line. Gotta respect the process! Michelle calls out Chris on his bullshit with his poor attitude, that he’s trying to make decisions for her and she sends him home. Good. See ya Chris. Insecure loser.

Nayte, will you accept this rose?

Michelle definitely likes him and he’s one of the front runners along with Joe to keep going far in this season. 

In the pre rose ceremony cocktail party, Martin mentions to Michelle that most of the girls in Miami are high maintenance. She doesn’t like this conversation which was kind of unnecessary to begin with. The guys also say that Martin seems two faced where he’s different with Michelle than he is with the guys.

Rose ceremony time. Rick, Olu, Brandon and Martin get the first four roses. With the final rose of the night, Michelle gives it to Rodney. No surprise there.

Two big one on one dates this week for Michelle.

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