The final eight guys get cut down to the final four for hometown for Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette

We’re down to the final eight guys remaining for Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette with hometowns coming up next week. 

Four of Michelle’s former students host the beginning of the episode with them asking the guys questions and see what they think of the them. Cute activity. Clayton makes a fort with the kids and that gets them to pick him to go on the first one on one of the week with Michelle, which they plan for them. They have pizza and candy in a limo on their way to a museum where they do a bunch of cute little activities before dinner. Michelle says that Clayton has a lot of qualities she is looking for in a guy but thinks there’s something missing with them and she doesn’t feel like she can get there with him. She sends him home. 

Clayton seems like a real good guy and from the little bit we’ve seen from him, I think he’s a good decision to be the next Bachelor. After he gets sent home they really sell the exit and him making his case. And we already know that he’s the Bachelor. I think that’ll be a good season. Way better than Peter and Matt’s shitty seasons. 

The group date that Michelle’s students came up with is at a farm. The guys start the date with milking cows, playing with calves, churning butter and shoveling up animal shit. At the after party, Martin acts real fake and then when Olu talks to Michelle, he lets her know that Martin is being fake and two faced. Michelle pulls him aside and calls him out on what he said. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him and sends him home. Martin seems like such a fuck. After that, Michelle gives Nayte the group date rose, giving him the first hometown next week. 

Brandon has the second one on one of the week with Michelle. They go get ice cream at one of her favorite spots and then Michelle takes him to her childhood home where her parents live. While they’re making out in her hot tub, of course Michelle’s parents come home. Obviously that was gonna happen. Brandon asks her parents for their blessing if he ends up being the last guy left. At dinner, Brandon’s very open with Michelle and tells her that he’s falling in love with her. 

Brandon, will you accept this rose?

I could see him being at the end of this thing with her and I think they’d make a cute couple together. 

And can we just mention once again how perfect that music this franchise puts in behind the romantic moments of these shows. 

Two roses remain for hometowns and Michelle knows what she wants to do so the cocktail party gets cancelled and we go right to the rose ceremony. 

The first rose obviously goes to Joe. He’s a clear step above the other three guys at this point in the process. And with Rick, Olu and Rodney remaining with the final rose of the evening, Michelle gives that rose to Rodney with a hometown date coming up. Not a big surprise. I think we’ll see Rick and Olu both be fan favorites in Paradise. 

Hometowns for Michelle and the final four men next week.

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