NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 12/4/21

Crushed last night’s NHL slate going 5-1-1 to win 2.3 units. Big ten game slate today to keep winning!

Panthers vs. Blues (1:00)

Florida is one of the powerhouses of this NHL season. They’re 16-4-3 and 13-1 at home, coming into this game with six wins in their last eight games. They’re scoring the second most goals in hockey, averaging 3.87 per game and allowing the tenth fewest, an average of 2.7 per game. The Blues are 12-8-3 and only have four wins in their last twelve games. With Jordan Binnington out with COVID, the Blues are stuck with Husso in goals. The Blues are pretty good statistically, eighth most 3.26 goals per game. They allow an average of 2.83 per game. I like Florida’s offense a lot in this game to crush Husso. I’ll take the Florida TT over 3 in regulation for a unit, the over for half a unit and Florida in regulation for half a unit.

Bruins vs. Lightning (7:00)

Both of these teams come into this game with three wins in their last five games. The Bruins are 12-8 on the season and they haven’t really impressed me much. They’ve been good defensively, allowing an eight fewest 2.65 goals per game but haven’t done a ton offensively, averaging 2.9 goals per game. Bruins offense has struggled their last two games without Brad Marchant, scoring just three total goals in the last two games without him and he’s still suspended tonight. The Lightning are 13-5-4, averaging 3.14 goals per game and allowing 2.73 goals per game. I think the Bolts are definitely the better team on both ends of the ice. They have a better offense, especially with the B’s missing Marchy and have a big advantage in goal with Vasilevskiy starting against Swayman. I’ll take the Bolts ML for half a unit and the Bruins TT under 2.5 in regulation for half a unit.

Senators vs. Avalanche (7:00)

Colorado’s 12-7-1 and has the hottest offense in the NHL, averaging 3.95 goals per game. They haven’t been great in goal though, allowing 3.25 goals per game (seventh most in hockey) and that’s even worst with Jonas Johansson starting with Darcy Kuemper injured. Ottawa’s like the worst team in hockey though, 5-15-1 and averaging the seventh fewest goals in hockey, 2.43 goals per game and allowing the most goals in hockey, an average of 3.86 goals per game. The Avs should cruise through this game and I like the over as well. I’ll take Colorado in regulation and the alternate over 6 in this game for a half unit each. 

Red Wings vs. Islanders (7:00)

The Islanders had such high expectations coming into this season but they’ve been terrible. They’re 5-10-3 and coming into this game on a nine game losing streak. They’ve allowing 2.94 goals per game but haven’t scored for shit. They’re averaging only 1.83 goals per game, second fewest in the NHL. The Red Wings are 12-9-3 and pretty good at home in Detroit where they’re 8-2-2. They’re averaging 2.75 goals per game but allowing 3.13 goals per game. I’d lean the Red Wings win this one but not enough to bet on it. The Isles have to end their losing streak eventually and I don’t really trust betting the Wings since I really don’t think they’re that great.

Capitals vs. Blue Jackets (7:00)

Columbus hasn’t been bad this year at 12-9. They come into this game with three straight losses. They’re decent offensively, averaging 3.19 goals per game but have not been good on the back end, allowing the eighth most goals in hockey, an average of 3.24 goals per game. The Blue Jackets two regular goaltenders are both still out sick, so Daniil Tarasov is making his second NHL start tonight, which makes it even worse for them. This isn’t a good matchup for them either going against Ovi (38 points, 19 goals) and his 14-4-6 Washington Capitals. The Caps are averaging the fifth most goals in hockey, an average of 3.54 goals per game and allowing the fourth fewest, just 2.5 goals per game. I love the Caps here. I’ll take Washington in regulation, the Caps TT over 3.5 and the over 6 on this game for a unit each.

Predators vs. Canadiens (7:00)

The Habs are one of the lousiest teams in the NHL at 6-17-2, averaging a fourth fewest in the NHL 2.24 goals per game and allowing the fourth most, an average of 3.56 goals per game. The Preds are 12-10-1 with decent defense and good goaltending but not a whole lot of offense. They’re averaging just 2.74 goals per game and allowing 2.83 per game. When these teams played a couple weeks ago, Montreal won 6-3 and I think Nashville gets their revenge with a win tonight. The moneyline’s a bit too expensive for this game to me at -220, so I’ll just scale it back a bit and take the Preds in regulation for half a unit.

Wild vs. Maple Leafs (7:00)

This should be an awesome game tonight between two great teams. The Leafs are the hottest team in hockey at 17-6-1, coming into this game on a five game win streak with only two losses in their last 17 games. Insane. Minnesota’s been incredible too at 16-6-1, on a five game win streak of their own. Minnesota has the fourth best offense in the NHL, averaging 3.74 goals per game but their defense hasn’t been as great, allowing 2.91 goals per game. Leafs are averaging 3.08 goals per game, much improved from earlier this season where they struggled to score. They have a way better defense than Minnesota and Jack Campbell’s been one of the best goaltenders in the league this year, and they’re allowing a second fewest 2.17 goals per game. I’d lean the Leafs win this one on the road in Minnesota on what should be the best game on the slate but from a betting perspective, I’m skipping this game entirely. 

Hurricanes vs. Sabres (7:30)

The difference between the talent on these two teams is very significant as they sit on opposite ends of the standings with the Canes at 15-6-1 and the Sabres at 8-12-3 but neither have won games lately coming into this one with four losses in their last five games. Buffalo only has two wins in their last sixteen games and have looked awful after their decent 5-1-1 start to the year. They are averaging 2.91 goals per game which isn’t bad but they’re allowing a second most in the NHL 3.65 goals per game. Malcolm Subban is expected to be in goal tonight making his Sabres debut after being traded to Buffalo. This guy isn’t great between the pipes and I don’t expect him to out duel Freddy Anderson, projected in goal for Carolina. The Hurricanes have been missing several defenseman with COVID and they haven’t scored as much recently but on the season, they’ve been very good on both ends of the ice. They’re averaging an eleventh most 3.14 goals per game and their defense and goaltending has been great, allowing a third fewest 2.27 goals per game. Carolina should easily win this game tonight at home in a perfect get right spot, but a -315 and even -195 in regulation, I don’t think its worth laying all the juice on this one with three of the top defenseman for the Canes still out on COVID protocol. I’d lean the over but I’ll skip this game.

Rangers vs. Blackhawks (8:00)

In last night’s 1-0 win over the Sharks at home in MSG, the Rangers took. a significant loss to their lineup with goaltender Igor Shesterkin going to the IR with injury. We don’t know yet the extent of his injury and how long he’ll be out of the lineup for but thats a big loss for them and now the Rags will have to rely on Georgiev every game. The 15-4-3 Rangers are an impressive 7-1-1 at home and come into this game with five straight wins and only one loss in their last ten. They’re allowing the fourth fewest goals in hockey, an average of just 2.5 goals per game and scoring 2.91 goals per game. They win low scoring hockey games. The Blackhawks were awful to start the season but they’ve been pretty good lately, coming into this game with seven wins in their last ten games to get them to an 8-12-2 record. On the season, they’ve only scored a third fewest in the NHL, 2.14 goals per game but are allowing a ninth most 3.18 goals per game. Even with Georgiev in goal and the Rags on the second leg of a back to back, I like them to keep the win streak going. I’ll take the Rangers for half a unit. I’d lean the under but not enough to bet it tonight.

Canucks vs. Penguins (10:00)

The 10-8-5 Penguins have been pretty good since getting healthy but come into this game with three straight losses to Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal but prior to that they were on a five game win streak. The Pens offense hasn’t been lighting it up, averaging 2.78 goals per game but they’ve been playing solid hockey on the back end, allowing a tenth fewest 2.7 goals per game. The Canucks stink. They’re 8-14-2, averaging a sixth fewest 2.42 goals per game and allowing a tenth most 3.13 goals per game. I like the Pens to get it right here on the road in Vancouver and I’ll take them for half a unit at a price that seems too cheap for me.

Game Bets

1u Florida TT over 3 in regulation (-162)

.5u Florida in regulation (-109)

.5u Florida/Blues over 6 (-130)

.5u Lightning ML (-110)

.5u Bruins TT under 2.5 in regulation (-115)

.5u Colorado in regulation (-159)

.5u Colorado/Ottawa over 6 (-141)

1u Capitals in regulation (-152)

1u Caps TT over 3.5 (-134)

1u Capitals/Blue Jackets over 6 (-120)

.5u Nashville in regulation (-132)

.5u Rangers ML (-160)

.5u Penguins ML (-150)

Record (Regular Season): 147-129-6 (-10.76 units)

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