Three Great Fantasy Suite Dates for Michelle With the Finale Coming Next Week

Last week was the Men Tell All of Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette but the week before was hometowns as this season is coming closer to an end. This week is fantasy suites week in Mexico with Joe, Brandon and Nayte remaining. 

Brandon’s up first for the one on ones. First Brandon and Michelle go horseback riding. I feel like Brandon is the best guy of the three remaining that I think is the best fit for Michelle. After their date during the day, Brandon tells Michelle that he’s in love with her and it comes off completely genuine and cute to me. I hope he ends up being the winner at the end of this. 

Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay together in the fantasy suite.

(Side note: still sounds weird having that signed by Chris Harrison, especially since Rachel and Matt are still together…everything woke turns to shit)

Waking up from the fantasy suite, Brandon and Michelle both seem very happy to still be together. Great sign for them. 

Joe is up next. First him and Michelle go zip lining together before they have a picnic. To me, it seems like Michelle is very comfortable with Joe since they have a ton in common and they’re both from Minnesota but they don’t have as strong of a connection as she has with Brandon. At dinner that evening, Michelle gives Joe the letter and they spend the night together in the fantasy suite. Following that night together, Michelle says it gave her clarity with Joe but that it makes her decision even harder. So that went well.

Nayte’s up last this week. Him and Michelle go boating together on a catamaran. Michelle’s still nervous going into dinner about Nayte’s stepdad telling her the week prior during hometown that he doesn’t know if Nayte is ready for an engagement and she is worried that she might have stronger feelings for him than he does for her. When Michelle asks Nayte about it, he tells her that he feels like he’s ready to get to an engagement and that he’s falling in love with her…and fantasy suite. I feel like Michelle is really into Nayte, but he’s not as much into her. The next morning after Nayte tells Michelle that he’s in love with her, she tells him the same. She says that she feels like he’s her soulmate. 

So all three of the guys told Michelle that they are in love with her and she has told all three guys that she’s in love with them…rose ceremony time. Toughest one of the season. Prior to the rose ceremony starting, Brandon steps forward and asks Michelle to talk to her one on one, which she says yes to. When they walk away together, he pretty much just tells her that he has strong feelings for her but doesn’t really say anything. 

With the first rose of the evening, Michelle gives it to Nayte, sending him to the finale. Kind of shocked by that one. 

Brandon, will you accept this rose?

I expected Brandon and Joe to go to the finale, but it seemed like it was more of a comfortableness that she had with him and not really strong feelings that would lead to a lasting future between them.

Finale of Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette coming next Tuesday night.

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